Friday, April 22, 2005

Caught In The.....



Mr. Campbell that is, not Bambi.

Because it looks like the James Gang really is going to try elbow its way into that big, honkin' HOV lane in the middle of the economic road.

"KAMLOOPS, B.C. – NDP Leader Carole James says there has never been an NDP government in B.C. that took a balanced approach to business and labour.....

....."I don't feel it was as balanced as it should have been. I don't believe that it ended polarization. I don't believe there was a balance where both business and labour had a seat at the table."

She (James) went even further when asked whether any NDP government in B.C. had ever been fair and balanced. "No. I think that's why I presented that kind of balanced approach. I don't think we've had a government that has represented the kind of balance that we need," she says.

And His Gordness' stammered reply, heard on CBC Radio One this morning?

"Well.....I.........I think that's the first time I've ever agreed with her on anything."


Can't say for sure, but I could have sworn I heard a collective groan from the attendent handlers come leaking through the car radio speakers as visions of the huge 3M expenditures (manpower, money and mediabuys) that will be required to push this diversion to the side of the road began to bubble up out of their hindbrains.

So JGang - it's very good start.

Now get out there and start squeezing the middle from both ends of the spectrum, hard, with those dual Environmental/Privatization Pincers.

And while you're at it, how about sending some surrogates out on the stump to re-start that little matter known as the Basi/Virk Affair. After all, if the Gordians really are in bed with the Feds, it might be time to make that one stick.

Heck, it's time to make it stick regardless.


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