Sunday, April 17, 2005

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World


Unfortunately, this is not 1963 and all the evidence indicates that nobody in Neanderconland is out to make a comedy to end all comedies.

Which is one of the reasons, we think, that Mike the Biologist is Mad, really mad.

Well, that and stuff like this:

"As a microbiologist, I've always found 'antimicrobial' products stupid: if dishwashing detergent or soap can't kill the bug, triclosan–the antibiotic used in these products–probably won't do much either. Unfortunately, bathing the planet in a dilute solution of triclosan isn't just stupid, it's dangerous."

We like Mike's other more political stuff too, which is why we've just made him one of our 'Sites of the Week' (see sidebar).

In case you missed it: We also added an Hono(u)r Roll over there too just because we wanted to (funny how Heather Mallick keeps popping up; more on Shirly Tilghman to come, and Cassi Niemann's Blog speaks for itself).


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