Friday, April 29, 2005

Inside, with the Franks


Matt St. A. is on fire these days with posts like this one on those madcaps CEOs that are destroying life as we know it:

"C.E.O. stands for "Cheat Every One." They are not under oath. They speak only their heart's truth -- which is a cavernous lie. They are possessed of greed and gluttony that would embarrass Satan himself."

And this on the Coulter flim-flammery in the pages of last week's version of Mr. Luce's rotting sarcophagus:

"Ann Coulter is America. She powders herself up for TV appearances, she engages in verbal foreplay that's as seductive and arousing as an episode of American Gladiators."

In fact, it's all so good that we are going to do something we've never done before - move Matt's Inside the Hotdog Factory from it's regular place in the sideboard back into the 'Blogs of the Week', a slot usually reserved for all that is new and/or newsworthy.


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