Thursday, April 21, 2005

Two Freakin' Million?!!!


Maybe Kevin Falcon could use a few of their hits as well as the slogan of one of our favorite website' Have You Had Enough Yet.

Because a not so-long-ago poll suggests that maybe the residents of West Vancouver Garabaldi have themselves had enough of the machinations of Heavy Kevvie:

"A recently-commissioned public opinion poll shows major dissatisfaction with the B.C. Liberals in the Sea to Sky corridor, and indicates that Green Party candidate Dennis Perry may have a good chance of winning the Liberal stronghold of West Vancouver-Garibaldi in next month’s provincial election."

And while the poll has Green party origins, the huge numbers surveyed in a single riding suggest that it may not be a not a pile of tripe:

"The poll by Robbins SCE Research of Coquitlam polled 1,000 residents of the riding, including 600 in West Vancouver, 200 in Squamish and 200 in Whistler, between March 1 and March 13. The final results were adjusted to reflect the population in each area. The survey has a margin of error of up to 2.37 per cent 19 times out of 20".

And it appears that no amount of traipsing around the Province giving us the Golden Raspberry with our own money is going to help Heavy Kevvie on this one.

Because what has people in the area really riled up is a retail issue - the proposed Highway-assisted destruction of Eagle Bluffs that Mr. Falcon has championed.

Local issue, what?

Trouble, what?

Maybe Mr. Falcon should bring in his old pal Mary Polack to help him out this time around.

After all, his stumping sure did work wonders for her in that Surrey Panorama Ridge by-election awhile back.

Update: Rob Cottingham tells us that Robbins SCE has a history of going hard for Reform BC, and even though there does not appear to be overt links to R.B.C. in the poll quoted above, at least according to the Greens, more digging led us to an interesting discussion on babble that lends some credence to what Rob has to say. So we figured we better go looking for other indicators that Mr. Falcon's handling of the issue, which essentially involved hardline support for the Sea-to-Sky bypass over the Bluffs in lieu of any serious consideration for a tunnel, might have caused some real problems for the SS Gordo amongst the notoriously commie-pinko residents of West Vancouver.

Anyway, in the interest of trying to save our own bacon, here's West Van Mayor (and former Small Faces sideman?) Ron Wood's poll-assisted take from last summer just before Mr. Falcon made his decision, courtesy of Claudia Cornwall in the Tyee:

"Ron Wood, the mayor of West Vancouver, says that he has received hundreds of letters and emails opposing the highway. Furthermore, he says that when the municipality conducted a scientific poll, two/thirds of the residents favoured the tunnel, even if it would cost more."

Wood's position itself actually hardened after the deal was made when the true dollar numbers involved and the possibility of a P3 Propapalooza began to emerge.

So, is the residual damage enough to sink Gordian Candidate Joan McIntyre on May 17th? Not in the cards at the moment. But clearly will be a strong protest vote, much of it likely going to Dennis Perry who is described as a "
high profile candidate in Tory/Green" by Adam T on the Election Prediction site . Looks like the poles could be starting to bend inward.


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