Thursday, March 18, 2010

Evil Is No Longer Banal


Instead, it would appear to be Rovian.

Pure and simple.

Because, according to Mr. Karl Rove at least, endless war is really all about Winnin' and Losin' and nothing else as he tells NPR's Terry Gross in a wide-ranging and extremely illuminating* interview on Fresh Air @ 24':30''.

*in a very, very dark and distressing way, of course.



Norman Farrell said...
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Norman Farrell said...

You are stronger than me if you can watch this anti-democratic criminal without experiencing revulsion.

RossK said...

Took tremendous strength Norman, despite the fact that it was a radio interview.

The thing that drives me most crazy when listening to these folks is constant use of demonstrable falsehoods as justification for everything they do.

What's worse, with Rove it is impossible not to conclude that there is no true ideological underpinning to anything he has to say. Thus, unlike many of the architects of the neanderconian dream (see Norquist, Grover for example) it has nothing to do with noble lies, but instead is ALL about winning.



Norman Farrell said...

". . . ALL about winning."

For many, proudly the American way.

Sean Holman said...

Actually, what I found particularly interesting about the interview was how often Rove challenged the premise of Gross's questions. He didn't just not answer them. He replaced Gross's reality with "facts" of his own creation. I'm kind of surprised she didn't push back on that.

RossK said...

'Twas my impression that Ms. Gross decided to give him enough rope.

If that was, indeed, the case she most certainly succeeded.

But, then again, if no one goes back over those, facts....well.


kootcoot said...

I saw Rove on "This Week without George S" which had a segment that was supposed to be a discussion between Rove and a supporter of Obama's healthcare plan.

I never felt more like reaching into my TeeVee and strangling someone. He WOULD NOT shut up, and I still may send a letter to ABC asking why they didn't just turn off his remote feed. Of course he was just repeating the same lies over and over everytime his opponent tried to reply, using a goofy whiteboard, as if that lent credibility to his bullshit.

God must have a sense of equity, because KKKarl looks and acts just as ugly as his mind works. Little wonder he prefers to work in the shadows. He really seems to be losing it lately, now that he doesn't have the ear of people that matter, because he used to attempt to appear reasonable.