Monday, March 29, 2010

One More Example Of How The Terror Industry Has Won


Some time ago, I took my old boss to The Cannery, a restaurant on Vancouver's waterfront.

She'd come up from the Bay Area for a science geek thing and she wanted a view of the harbour - so we went there for dinner because C. and I had been once, a long time before that, back when we were still almost courting, and we'd loved it despite the fact that, back then at least, we couldn't really afford it.

Anyway, when we went with my boss, which was in 2005, I couldn't believe that you had to go around a fence and through a stupid security gate to get there.

And I said so:

Last night I got to watch the orange-purple, autumnal high-sky sundown from Vancouver's waterfront docks.

Not the Ferry docks, which are located far from downtown Vancouver, and which Colin Powell, back in the days when he was still carrying water for the Rovians, once told us were sure to be a terrorist target.


I'm talking about the real thing. The deepwater harbour docks right next to where my Dad used to go to work when he left for Alaska on the tugboats.

But this time I wasn't going to watch my Dad go to sea.

Instead, I was going to a fancy-schmancy restaurant.

And it was a truly beautiful sight from the deep end of the harbour looking west, back towards the city skyline with the northshore mountains shooting straight up into the stratosphere across the water.

But whatever you do, don't try head down there just for the heck of it, either to check out the view or to find yourself a sailor or two.

Because this is Mr. Bush's Fortress North America. And as such this very Canadian waterfront is now closed to all but those on official business, or those who can afford to hob nob with the fancy-schmancy pants set (a visit to the Cannery is a rare event and much more than just a simple twist of fate, indeed, for my wife and I).

But I digress, because what I really wanted to say was.....

Hey, Rovians!

Give us back our sovereignty!

Again, that was 2005 - and while the security industry's check-point was both a nuisance and stupid, it wasn't nearly as stoopid or ridiculous as things have now become.

What can possibly be stoopider, you might be wondering?

Well, it turns out that now, another five years, and absolutely zero evil plots to blow things up real good later, it turns out that you now have to go through a security check/shakedown days ahead of time to get a pass before you can even think about making a reservation at The Cannery.

Which is just flat-out untenable for any restaurant that actually wants to serve people dinner and have them, you know, pay for it.

As a result, as of yesterday, the place is closed.

For good.

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - A legend on the Vancouver waterfront is closing forever -- the Cannery Seafood Restaurant is serving its final meal in the Port of Vancouver. Manager Jeffrey Lenz says Bud Kanke of Mulvaney's, Joe Fortes and Fish House fame opened the restaurant in 1971.

He adds they'll be serving their final Salmon Wellington, roasted mussels and lobster dipping oil tonight. "After 9/11, there's been more and more security concerns involved with ports worldwide and it's gotten to the point where you require a port pass. If you don't have one, then you can't get in and obviously for a restaurant open to the public it's impossible for that to happen."

Lenz says they explored re-locating the restaurant but it didn't make economic sense. Unless there's a last minute saviour, Lenz says all the restaurant's marine antiques, dining room and kitchen supplies will be sold at an auction on April 6th.

The irony of all this stupidity is the fact that anybody who has been paying attention knows that the real issue of how bad things move through the Port of Vancouver has absolutely nothing to do with kids sneaking down to the docks to have a doob, or even of evil, scary people snipping the chain-link fence so that they sneak in and cause trouble.


Because, the movment of contraband all has to do with who controls Vancouver's Waterfront docks from the inside.

And we who have been paying attention also know that most, if not all, of the fine folks on the inside who are up to no good have absolutely no interest in being on the right side of the law.

Because they are already well outside of it.

The law I mean.




West End Bob said...

That's just what I told "drf" when I heard the reason why The Cannery was closing - "The turrerist industry won again."

Just like 'ya can't take your super-size shampoo and toothpaste on a plane anymore. All optics to make the masses think the guv'mint is protecting them.

What a crock . . . .

West End Bob said...

Oh, and BTW:

Hope the easy-peasy crock-pot ham works out for you and yours, RossK . . . . ;-)

RossK said...


Had to climb in the cigar tube last week, and just prior I was subject to my first ever 'confiscation' at YVR security.....

You see, I keep one small allen key in my bag that fits my bike brakes so that I can adjust them, especially through the winter when they get ground down due to riding on these trails...

Anyway - it caused a huge hullaballoo which forced the fine folks manning the checkpoint to search the bag high and low looking for it...Finally, with departure time fast approaching, I lost my patience and asked what it was all about....They grudgingly explained.... So I told them to look in the little finger pocket on the outside flap of the bag....And that ended that....(why didn't they just talk to me/ask me right away, I wonder)...

Don't know about you, but I sure feel a whole lot safer now.

(funny thing is....because of the oral surgery thing recently, I had a small tube of gel stuff loose in the same bag....And they didn't find that....In fact, they pawed right past it looking for the little hunk of metal that is about as dangerous as a stylo pen on one of these fancy-schmancy electronic pads that is almost, but not quite, as useful as a single sheet of foolscap.....



kootcoot said...

All you guys are forgetting that the word is spelled "terra," ain't it?

Anyway, if you were going to the US when you were relieved of your (gasp) allen wrench, maybe they were afraid (exp. with a Bio-Med background) that you were gonna track down Shooter Cheney and re-adjust his mechanical heart to sixteen notches below, deceased!

RossK said...



(actually, to make matters worse, in terms of the capitulation at least, it was a domestic flight)