Monday, March 08, 2010

Our Busking Year, Weeks 8/9...Doobie Doobie Doobie (not wah)


I have no idea how, or even why, it happened but these were the weeks when people suddenly started filming us, taking our pictures (and even drawing a picture of E.), and started giving us money.

Inspired by the fine work of our friend Paul's family and friends, we doubled down and sent all of the latter to Habitat for Humanity.

O.Y.O.B.D, Weeks Eight and Nine:
Venues: Sunset Beach in the sun and Trout Lake in the almost sun
Set List: A lot of stuff in the Key of A these days including The Weight, This Year (Darnielle/Mountain Goats) and a big fan favourite, Roger Miller's 'King of The Road'.

Number of Not-So Bad, Non-Evil Green Empire Coffees: Excellent Americano from Prego on lower Hornby and a couple of mediocre drips from the Blenz near the Commercial Skytrain (but the kids with the two dollar bill from their own busking adventures were cool.
Number of strings broken: Aaaaarrrgggghhh...I'm down to my last high e...Nobody told me the most expensive thing about this thing would be guitar strings....Gotta learn to use my thumb more.
Working on: A medley/combo where JuNu's 'Into The Sunshine' slides into The Frames' 'Star Star'
New Discoveries: When Greg Kot mentioned that one of the guy's who did the tribute to Kerouac's 'Big Sur' sings with a 'downward slope', I wasn't sure what the heckfire he was talking about at first....But then I listened to California Zephyr a few times and I get it now (and I'm even trying it, especially as a counterpoint to the soaring of Bigger E.).....Speaking of Mr. Kot, who is one of my favorite pop music critics (still goin')...why doesn't he and his cover kids like Julia Nunes mentioned above....After all, this is a kid whose originals, with absolutely no/zero high-priced A&R-type promotion behind them, are able to garner a couple of million hits all on their own.


Jon said...

Great stuff and I loved all the happy doggies romping in the background.

Jon said...
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paul said...

Speaking for the collective, we are all mighty pleased to be associated even loosely with the busking year.
And I am looking forward to hearing Big E and Rachelle singing together at some point this spring. I think the voices will work.

Jon said...

Sorry about the multiple posts. That was Blogger's idea.

RossK said...


Ya everybody likes 'em; especially when E. is doing Falling Slowly with the 4th Buskateer who really, literally just appeared out of nowhere.

(and no worries about the multitudes; maybe Blogger is a secret new Ukerists)

RossK said...


Can't wait!

(we're on the road right now - going halfway to Jon's - Florence Oregon for the dunes...this week will have lots of sand)


paul said...

Love the dunes. We did an RV road trip three years ago through there with three grandboys, three to seven, and inadvertently booked a state campground dedicated to dirt bike/ATV people. A paved pad in the sand and buzzing six-year-old armour-clad motorcyle kids. But we had a great time in the dunes.
I trust Sea Lion Caves is part of the plan. Also fond of the arcades in Seaside, but I do accept that's a personal choice not widely shared.

RossK said...

The NASCAR-in-the-sand thing is a bit bizarre, but kind of fun just the same - a bit like old Vegas in that you go there, do stupid stuff you would never do at home, and then, well, you go home and never do it again.

(until you go back)


Just might give those arcades a try.

Lindsay Stewart said...

ac/dc ukelelelele ftw!

Lindsay Stewart said...
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