Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Real Circus Outside My Window


Regular readers may recall how I derided the empty, highly securitized parking lots outside my window that were reserved for a couple of white SUVs and a lonely tour-bus from Scranton PA for the duration of the Corp-Fuelled Hype-Fest just past.


Now that the real amateur athletic event has begun (ie. the one where the competitors are not paid big money for winning medals) the lot outside my window is filled to bursting.

With yellow buses.

And school kids running everywhere.

It's a fine sight to see, indeed.



Anonymous said...
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Norman Farrell said...

Where are the VIPs now? Don't free tickets still hold appeal?

I guess Liberals cannot resist busing in audiences whenever they encounter venues not filled with people.

RossK said...

Norman --

I'm sure the papering of the house does have something to do with it, but it was great to see all those kids running around with homemade hats and flags with nary a Corprocratic jacket/sweater/toque/mitten in sight.