Sunday, March 07, 2010

Let's Go Busking!


It's Week #10.....(Sun Mar 7th, 2010) our 'Year of Busking (not-so) Dangerously'....

And if the weather holds it's going to be a doubleheader!

Front end.........As far North as you can go and still be in Lotusland proper - New Brighton Park not far from the PNE/Racetrack.....hopefully be there by around 1 o'clock.

Back end....Returning for homefield advantage (ie. where people give us money!) to Trout Lake in the East End....hopefully be there by around 3 o'clock.

(and it goes without saying that we will be in the dog friendly portions of those venues - ha!)

In case anybody was wondering: Latest video, from last week, is now up.
Faces we'd like to see in the crowd.....
Well, all the usual suspects on the sidebar (you know who you are!) and how about our good friend Great Aunty Bertha!



Alison said...

I'll get over there to see you one of these days when I'm not working weekends.
I see you've made great strides since your karioke performance on the table at Olympic Pizza a coupla years back. ;-)

RossK said...

Don't you worry Alison.

One of these weekends we will be coming to a ferry dock near you.