Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Translink's New Math: Addition By Subtraction


The Party's over, the Circus has left town, and Translink is hiking monthly transit passes.

A lot.

Case in point, One Zone passes are going from $73 up to $81 dollars a month on April Fools Day.

Which means that if you don't have a bridge to cross and you are trying to do the right thing every single day, you will be paying almost a hundred bucks extra to be a good citizen next year.

And if you are a family of four you'll be paying four times as much.

Which, especially if you are a family of modest income, is a pretty significant increase.

Except, according to Translink spokesthingy Drew Snider, and occasional blogger, it is not.

An increase I mean.

Because, according to the good Mr. Snider at least, it is actually a 'decrease' on the 'discount' that you receive every time you buy a monthly pass.



I'm telling you.....

There oughta be a special place in the sloughs of Sliverville for shillophants that screw people over with their own money.

After all, it is the good people of British Columbia, the people who are paying that 'decrease' on the 'discount', who also pay the good Mr. Snider's salary is it not?



G West said...

Drew Snider had a previous incarnation on a certain radio station here in the province's capital - calling him a spokesthingy is entirely appropriate.

Grant G said...

And three zones passes get a big hike in cost.

Mr.K..I don`t know if you are aware but Gordon Campbell promised to expand the Upass program in the last election, tens of thousands of students will be eligible for Upasses as of September/2010...

And I think it`s a good thing, however,Drew Snider claims Translink will have $18 million more dollars per year with these increases,the truth of the matter is infact that Translink will be further money crunched than they were before...
Giveth with one hand and taketh with the other.

But what the hell,what`s another 2 hours of minimum wage pay per month!

RossK said...



Didn't know that - thanks.


RossK said...

Very aware of the U-Pass thing Grant, as I personally know some of the students that have worked so hard to get that increased implementation.

Thus, I will be happy to not pat Mr. Snider on the back for that one either.


Here's a question.....

Do Spokesthingy's even buy monthly 3 zone passes?


West End Bob said...

Great point regarding "spokesthingy's" salary source, RossK . . . .

G West said...

A bit more 'background' on the spokesthingy....

Norm Farrell said...

So, is Spokesthingy being rewarded with a Translink contract for good words on that Victoria media outlet? Can any media type register for rewards? For the right price, I will join any team.

RossK said...

ANY team Norman?


If a Greek fellow with a cigar, smoking jacket, and slicked back hair came up to you with a contract to join the resurrection of, say, Team RitaJ, what, exactly, would your price be?