Friday, October 31, 2014

Dark Money....Something Really Spooky This Way Cometh.


Don't look now, but...

Texas is actually ahead of us now in trying to get rid of secret money to influence local and state elections.

David Saleh Rauf of the San Antonio Express-News has the story:

Texas’ campaign finance regulator is set to shine a light on secret spending in state elections.

The Texas Ethics Commission in a unanimous vote Wednesday approved a new regulation to require politically active nonprofits to start disclosing donors if they spend more than 25 percent of their annual budget on politicking.

The measure takes aim squarely at so-called dark money groups that are allowed under federal rules to play in the political arena without having to disclose where their money comes from.

“In Texas, where there are no limitations on contributions or no limitation on expenditures, disclosure is the only protection the public has,” said commission Chairman Jim Clancy...

Why ahead of us, given that we actually have laws on the books about 3rd party influence peddling....errrr....advertising?


It's not like Kinder Morgan is getting away with anything in the run-up to municipal elections 'round here.


The irony here, kinda/sorta?....Turns out Bobby Kinder was one of the original  'Bush Rangers' from the Lonestar State....And, ya, we do know 'bout The Armadillos!


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