Friday, October 31, 2014

How Much Extra Are Those P3's Costing Us?


How's this for a money shot:

...(W)hile government’s weighted average cost of borrowing is approximately 4%, on the $2.3 billion that government borrowed through public private partnerships this is 7.5%..


Who said that?

Was it some whacko-commie BC Liberal/Socred hater who just makes things up to rile The Keef on the Twittmachine?


Actually, it comes straight from the keyboard of British Columbia's Auditor General, Carol Bellringer.

Although, to be truthful, the money-shot was dug up by that noted whacko-commie-pinko labour guy Keith Reynolds writing on the CCPA blog.

And how much are those extra borrowing costs yanking from the public purse?

How does hundreds of millions of dollars sound?

As for money for schools 'n stuff...

Well, you know, that's commie-pinko super-whacko monkey business that we just can't afford.




Bill said...

The real cost of the BC Liberals Public-Pirate Partnerships have been well studied and presented by the CCPA, tirelessly documented by Norm F. and doggedly reported by Gran G. and others in the blogosphere.

The "shocking" news that Vaughn Palmer and ilk will now post come far too late to their readers. On this long running Liberal Ponsi Scheme (years of information black out) "covered" by the liberal MSM. This financial scheme like any can only continue as long as the majority of citizens are kept unaware of the true facts.

Good on Ms Bellringer, the bloggers posting in their underwear and the "under audit" CCPA.

RossK said...

Thanks Bill--

Sure hope nobody decides to audit my PJ's and/or underwear.


Anonymous said...

7.5 percent interest rate on a loan .More corporate welfare?

100 billion BC debt by 2020.?

BC corprate welfare out of control as is BC debt trend.?


Anonymous said...

BC breach of fudiciary duty.?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

ThBC Liberal casino construction complex.?