Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why Does Chevron Want To Get Into Our Schools So Badly?


It would appear that Chevron won't take no for an answer.

Because when the Vancouver School Board decided, quite rightly in my opinion, voted not to allow Chevron to dole out $475K for technology-ish projects that teachers would have to apply to...

Well, Chevron went straight at parents.

And whadd'ya know.

They got the reaction, and the press action that they wanted. Wanyee Li had the story awhile back in the Courier:

...After the school board rejected Chevron’s proposal, Chevron approached the Vancouver District Parents Advisory Council. The parents had concerns about schools being associated with a potentially divisive company like Chevron.

But corporate donations can look appealing when schools consider cutting programs such as athletics and music due to budget restraints.

“I would like the policy reviewed so that there’s access to additional money for classrooms, and so that corporate funding was offered to all teachers,” said Monica Moberg, chair of the District Parent Advisory Council...


Do these people have to co-opt everything?

The real question, I guess, is...If corporations paid their historical levels (i.e. fair share) of taxes, would we be in this constant funding bind for public institutions and programs?



e.a.f. said...

Chevron wants into our schools very badly because they know that is how to influence future voters and consumers. If parents are dumb enough to fall for it, well there isn't that much which can be done.

These corporations aren't in it to provide a service to schools and students, its to get their point of view across. they know teachers can read and write. They sometimes even talk about the environment. Now what if you just had to spend some chump change to have that changed? of course $475K. That isn't even 20 pieces of silver, or whatever that guy got paid back in the day.

If Chevron wanted to make a real contribution, they might have sent 475 Million on schools in B.C. by the way of paying taxes in a fair and equitable manner.

The schools most likely to receive this "money", will be schools which house the children of those more "entitled than others".

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