Friday, October 31, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Some Elephants Are Whiter Than Others.


Still catching up and noticed that, before he helped blow the whistle on Vision's pay-to-play deal, Uncle Bob Mackin had the following lede up at the Tyee:

The new roof and renovation of BC Place, paid for by the citizens of British Columbia, spiraled over its stated price by nearly $200 million in the first year it was announced, 2009.

It looks like the budget blowing didn't stop there, according to figures released by B.C. Pavilion Corporation (PavCo), the crown corporation in charge of the project.

Numbers just made public, added to earlier accounts, show the biggest contract for the renovation of BC Place Stadium appears to have gone $80 million over budget...

But here's the thing, back when that 'original' $300 million plus budget for the magic carpet atop BC was announced just before the 2009 election a big selling point, shilled to the hills by the sportsmedia sycophants 'round here, a big selling point, was the extra $100 million dollars in revenue that would roll in every single year.

Of course, as those who were paying attention to PavCo's shenanigans at the time, that $100 million a year was completely bogus, in every way imaginable.


That roof is a heckuva catch, that $640 million dollar catch, that is now being used to force a subsidized Casino-Industrial Complex down our collective throat.

Sometimes it really does seem like Milo Minderbinder is the real wizard hiding behind the Knotty Gordian/Snooklandian curtain.



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"the propaganda department"?

BC Liberal policy brought to Vancouver city hall.?

"control the message"?