Tuesday, October 07, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Big Rich Smacked Up The Side Of The Head By A Sparkle Pony On Life Support.


In the wake of Petronas' PR carpet bombing of the Snooklandians throne speech yesterday, the Minister-Responsible-For-Everything-That-Doesn't-Belong-To-Cookie-Dough-Mike had the following rejoinder according to the VSun's Vaughn Palmer:

...(T)he Liberals tried to put the best face on the Petronas decision to upstage them. “I was expecting it, it wasn’t a surprise,” said (Minister Rich) Coleman, adding that the company had given him a “heads-up” before putting out the release....


It's not possible, is it, that there is a wee bit of agreed-upon footsy being played here is there?

After all, if somebody doesn't play hardball, up front and on the front pages, how else will the Wizards behind the curtain be able to justify the giving away of everything down the line.


They wouldn't ever think of selling us down the river like that...

Would they?



Anonymous said...

BC The corprate welfare state.?

Bill said...

Yes its the Christy Players in another BC Liberal Masterpiece Theatre long running production.

A dramatic cliff hanger performance of suspense and behind the scenes skullduggery with helpful reviews by the professional "critics". The media moguls playing their usual support roles as scripted. Except in reality for the sake of saving face if this deal is consumated it will be an epic fail.

The already blocked out scribes post signing cloud analysis will nicely compliment the political self congratulation of hard fought negotiations for the best deal possible.

It surelooks like it is all just being set up to be given away - for the interests of BC Liberals and friends not BC citizens. Hope I am proven wrong.

The Premier has already scheduled the Big Toga party but we will not be invited - just her family friends, TFWs and the new owners of our future.

North Van's Grumps said...

Thank Goodness!! in 12 more years of good health I'll be slipping into the realm of dementia, oblivious of the surrounding political storm perpetrated on British Columbians by yesterdays Today's BC Liberal in 2013... not that they'll still be in government in 2026. They will however, be enjoying fat pension government cheques AND their signing bonuses from the Petronas family of exploiters who will be raking in the Trillion dollar bonus with Millions collected by our Province.

Anonymous said...

privatize profits
socialize debt
LNG nyet

Anonymous said...

siluria technologies

Anonymous said...

Only this morning, I started thinking the same thing. What if this song & dance is all for show and Christy will be the big saviour not only to BC.... but the world.
It's not beyond this bunch to pull off such a stunt and get away with it. Those weekly garbage rags that pretend they're newspapers throughout small town BC will pick up the Liberal news release and once again granny will think they're doing a good job.
It makes me sick to think in a Province with so many good people that as a society we allow these crimes to go on.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Off topic..... I'm hearing Stephen Smart will not be legislature reporter ?
Has the CBC finally realized it's time to let him go ?

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...


Norm Farrell said...

Guy in Victoria

Perhaps CBC is making changes to their west coast news operation, hoping to move their ratings up to, at least, measurable levels. Only the older readers will remember that CBC News was once the BC market leader.

What a demonstration of managerial incompetence CBC displayed over the last few years. When Smart was found in conflict of interest by the CBC Ombudsman, given his marriage to one of Clark's press secretaries, CBC's bright lights decided to ignore the conflict. Perhaps viewers did not; instead they judged CBC to be less than a trustworthy provincial news source.

CBC's Pacific region has remained a non-factor for a number years. In any other organization, that would have resulted in a complete shake-up. Maybe it's finally begun.

We'll be watching for Smart's landing place and perhaps wondering if he's been paving the exit road for some time.

Anonymous said...

mmm this ssandwich smells and tastes terrific thanks.


cfvua said...

There is either collusion going on or Petronas is gaming the liberals all the way out the back of the casino. Even up here in the land of gas production many are getting tired of producers whining. Another supposition might be that Petronas has iced the plan and is looking for somewhere to place the blame. They can't totally disappear as they have drilling commitments to hold their land base and there is no gas sitting behind pipe. Everything drilled and fractured is being sold on the North American domestic market. If they pull out of their LNG " plan" maybe it was part of an elaborately concocted election lie.

Anonymous said...

Free enterprise party giving everything away for free.?

e.a.f. said...

with falling LNG and oil prices, it maybe the big P doesn't think it can make money here, so saying it was the "b.c. lieberal's" fault, the deal tanked, will enable them to save face.

On the other hand, this could all be one of those kid things, lets put on a play and make money for our friends. we'll tell the voting/taxpaying citizens of the province if we didn't give the "big P" what he wanted he would take the "sparkle ponies" away. so to save the "sparkle ponies" we let them have the LNG and we get to have a couple of Canadians even work on the site.

What a win for B.C. Wine all around, brought to you by a winery somewhere in the o.k.

In the meantime kids whose parent is on a disability pension still have to kick in $17 Million a yr. to keep Christy afloat, along with all her mourcher LNG friends.

What ever is afoot, its not good for the taxpaying citizens of B.C. So much for jobs, jobs, jobs. The idiots who voted for Christy and her fast mouth well perhaps she can give them a ......

RossK said...

Re: The Conflicty Fellow and where he might land...

One can only wonder if, like the Knotty Gordians with their 'Offshore Oil and Gas Team', the Snooklandians will soon institute an 'Up In The Air Sparkle Pony Team' and the requisite coterie former Lotuslandian proMedia members required to puff-up and its flack-hackery.

Or some such thing.


Anonymous said...

One sure certainty is that what ever happens with the LNG file, the spin and razzle dazzle from the Liberal camp will be in full force and will be on a foundation of lies and misinformation. Guaranteed. Just look at their track record.

Anonymous said...

Won't business and the current government(s) love this. Now they can ram everything and the people, the ones who don't research themselves, will believe everything these rags print.
Get off your duffs people, think for yourselves, not what you're reading from the stands or your doorstep, and certainly not what you see on the 6 o'clock news. I gave up on mainstream media long ago. It's pure entertainment now much like the "National Enquirer". All pomp, no substance nor truth.

North Van's Grumps said...

......Oil and Gas rights are owned by the Crown, and the government can sell rights to explore and extract on private property....... for up to 20 years

Page 33 of 80: The Oil and Gas Surface Lease

Anonymous said...

Keep CNG/LNG at home and make synthetic gasoline.


Anonymous said...

By hook or by crook.?


cfvua said...

BC Newsroom has the story on yesterday's Monthly petroleum land sale. Dismal at only $14.3 Million. Encouraging in that a couple of parcels in a 50 year old prolific field topped the sale though. Pretty well shoots down the theory that we can survive on land sale revenues instead of charging royalties. Wonder how Coleman will spin this.

Anonymous said...

Like the tazmanian devil.?

Anonymous said...

Top o the roller coaster


Norm Farrell said...


Oil and gas rights sales in seven months of current fiscal year, April to October 2014, average $11.8 M a month.

In fiscal year ended Mar 31, 2014, total was $142 M, a monthly average of $18 M.

However, government recognizes the auction revenue over many years. Financial statements for FY 2014 showed $859 M in land tenure revenues but only a small part of that represents agreements made in FY 2014.

This Liberal government plays games with accounting methods. They owe more than a billion dollars to gas producers as credits that can be deducted from royalty payments, but those are not recorded or recognized as they are accrued. The previous Auditor General made an issue of it, the present one does not.

Anonymous said...

BC Liberal future at current debt up
load trend to 100 billion dollars.
BC ignore at your own peril.


Anonymous said...

BC ag land review= split into zones

site c flood farmland while


Anonymous said...