Monday, October 06, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Greenhouse Gasless Gaseous Gashouse Gang.


From Justine Hunter's latest in the Globe:

...The province, which has spent many months in secretive negotiations with prospective investors, doesn’t like that solution. Rather than forcing an unwelcome restriction on an industry that can easily walk away and build elsewhere, the government has signalled that it will let each company make its own decision. More than that, the province has declared that natural gas burned to make LNG will be exempt from the Clean Energy Act, treating these emissions as somehow benign...

And don't forget, Ms. Say Anything already said the following almost exactly one year ago today:

...“My commitment is to have the cleanest LNG facilities in the world,” Ms. Clark told an editorial board meeting of The Globe and Mail on Tuesday.

The Premier has made that promise to British Columbia repeatedly, a commitment that could have repercussions for natural gas producers if it applied to extraction of the raw resource.

“We have set a goal to have the cleanest LNG in the world,” the Premier told the World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China, last year...

Then came an attempt to obfuscate obtusely when it came to the reality of the thing, also straight from the mouth of the  'Say Anything' Premier herself:

...(Ms. Clark) clarified on Tuesday that she never intended for that commitment to capture the emissions produced upstream.

“We don’t produce LNG in the northeast, we produce natural gas. We will produce liquefied natural gas in the northwest, so that’s what we have been talking about,” she said. “There is no ‘L’ in LNG until it gets to Kitimat or Prince Rupert.”...




Hugh said...

Meanwhile the "carbon-neutral' BC Govt is still forcing the BC public sector to purchase $millions of carbon offsets. The offsets the former Auditor General said were not credible.

The "carbon-neutral" BC Govt also wants to expand coal exports from BC.

Anonymous said...

Of course Christy is going to expand coal exports? China owns the cluster of coal mines in BC's High North. There is still China's mine, near Tumbler Ridge.

I also think, China is building their LNG plant at Prince Rupert. If not, China bought a lot of hectares of land near Prince Rupert, for what?

400 year old Douglas Firs are being hacked down near Port Alberni. Harper did make a trip to Vancouver Island. We know China has been eyeing, BC's ancient forests.

In fact, I don't think there is anything left in BC, the people own. This started way back, in Campbell's reign of terror in BC.

Anonymous said...


e.a.f. said...

this all comes from the woman who promised: families first
jobs, jobs, jobs,
the province was going to make trillions of dollars and create 100K jobs.

I've concluded when that woman's lips move, she's lying.

No one seems to mention all the water these processes will use.

We can just leave the shit in the ground for another 100 yrs and every one will be just fine. No this is all about b.c. lieberal friendly corporations getting what they want and the people and environment of B.C. be dammed.

Oh, don't forget the 100 acres China purchased above Comox Lake, the Comox Valley's water shed and the 17 mining applications for the Comox Valley. Ya, all that carbon neutral stuff and the rest of the shit. At least cow shit is what it is and no one calls it another else.

Anonymous said...

1 trillion dollar economy
100 billion prosperity fund
1 million jobs

Isnt amazing how laser accurate BC Liberals are in answers to BC public.?