Saturday, January 10, 2015

If Gordon Campbell Flew In Today...

...Would They Send Him A Limousine Anyway?

Laila Yuile has the latest to suggest that it is most definitely, maybe, a possibility.

Apparently, there's a phone poll going down asking folks if they find the good Mr. Campbell 'trustworthy'.

I kid you not.

Header giving you a phantom earworm?....This!
It's a tune I've written about before...In an entirely different context.
Update: Norm Farrell has more, much more, on the subject of Mr. Campbell's 'trustyworthiness'.



Anonymous said...

trustworthy = "worthy of confidence"
"confidence man" = Gordon Campbell
Campbell =/= trustworthy

Since September 2011 Campbell has been hiding his face in shame in the UK.

His true legacy of BC Liberal filth and deceit was in the news again today when BC Emergency Health Services reportedly refused to release data that would show whether it is taking longer to respond to 911 calls since its decision to downgrade 74 call types — including falls and assaults — from Code 3 or emergency, to Code 2 or routine.

Chad Skelton, Vancouver Sun

RossK said...



Perhaps we can take a page out of Stephen Colbert's book and coin the term 'trustyworthy' so that we can use it to describe the actions of the good Mr. Campbell.

Thanks for link to the piece by CSkelton.


Anonymous said...

How soon until the BC Liberals start blacklisting access to websites they deem unworthy?

"In an apparent attempt to keep pace with Kim Jong-un, a Canadian federal agency has blocked government employees from accessing a paywalled news site that reports on the government's inner workings."

cfvua said...

I'd think that the only place he would get a ride would be on the rocky mountaineer or maybe in an old BCRail boxcar on the 990 year leased, not sold railbed since he has proven to be a friend of both railway maggots errrr.......magnates. Anyone else that recognizes him and owns any other type of business that ships by rail or is now the beneficiary of low quality,over priced service offered by CN certainly wouldn't send a limo or any other kind of ride for him. Mining, forestry, natural gas, wind generation, and agriculture were all sacrificed so a couple of individuals could prosper. The masters of what will prove to be one of the largest job killing manoeuvres in BC history, not to mention being the best value for the purchaser as the deal was essentially a handoff. They also can't say BCRail wasn't any good or why did McLean want it so bad? Campbell should never show his face in BC ever and hopefully any newly elected federal government will terminate his fluffy little appointment immediately without severance to compensate for damage done to the BC economy.

Anonymous said...

Norm Farrell gets it... Actually he got it in 2009!

He can't handle the truth

e.a.f. said...

saw Laila Yuile's blog and couldn't stop laughing. I wrote my Con M.P. and advised him, if el gordo's name was mixed with 100 convicted felons, I'd still trust the other 100 criminals more than el gordo.

Like if stevie slime wants to anoint el gordo to the senate, perhaps he ought not to, its not like his other 3 anointments went all that well. Given el gordo's "excesses" just think of what he could do in the senate. perhaps el gordo's expenses in the U.K. are just a tad to rich even for the cons. ah, well, it is a very good joke, if it were 1 april.

stevie must owe el gordo, big time.

el gordo has been at the public trough long enough. let him get a job like the rest of us. he's the guy who got B.C. started on having the highest rate of child poverty in Canada. not a nickel more to the bastard.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross, just a heads up. I am a school district employee and have been reading your blog for year. It seem your blog, Norm F, Grant G and many other blogs are now blocked on school district computers. I have no problem accessing from home and have accessed these blogs for years, but just last week that is no longer possible on school district computers.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon-Above--

It might be a blanket blog 'platform' block...All three of us are on the 'blogspot' platform I think...Can you see Laila's from work - she's on 'wordpress'.


Anonymous said...

yes it is that is blocked. I can access Laila, Harvey etc.

Anonymous said...

RE: BC Hydro's deferred deficit dividend financing fiasco

Any sources for a year-by-year breakdown of how this has played out?

Anonymous said...

Best to ask NDP

Anonymous said...

Amateurs v. PROs

The man who helped bring to light two major controversies at the CBC — including this week's conflict-of-interest allegations against business reporter Amanda Lang — says he's made it his mission to take a critical look at what is happening inside Canada's media organizations.

Jesse Brown, whose podcast and media news website Canadaland also helped break the Jian Ghomeshi scandal, says unlike the U.S., Canada has allowed its media organizations to remain largely unscrutinized.

"There's just so many different ways that the American media holds the American media to account through hard news satire analysis. We had nothing like it here," he said.

Anonymous said...

Nissan has just introduced the 2015 Murano - designed exclusively for use on the new Port Mann bridge... see for yourself:

Anonymous said...

Re: 9:42 comment
First time I saw this commercial, my thoughts went right to the Port Mann and its' ice bombs. Every time I see it I think of the this bridge.

Anonymous said...

Glowbul sure is giving the mayor of Sannich a lot of air time about his affair with a aide, More criticism about him then Campbell got for having a alleged affair with Lara who he gave a $150,000 a year job or his impaired driving charge or the fact that everything he said was nothing but LIES! the last week I have heard more about the mayors indiscretions then in 6 years of CAMPBELL.s BS