Wednesday, January 07, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Nobody Can Even Pretend To Make This Stuff Up.


Remember that crazy, mixed-up, non-credible top 10 list of bizarre things we thought the Clark government just might, but probably wouldn't, do in the upcoming year?

Well, it would appear that reality trumped that list, all in one day, just yesterday.

First off, Ian Mulgrew of the VSun has the story of the supreme court judge, and not the one who ruled for the teachers, is incensed that the Ms. Clark's Ministry of Children and Family Development did their very best to not do the right thing by a kid in trouble.

And then there was the report from Tamsyn Burgmann of the CPress about how the Clark government's prosecution is implementing one the first of 63 recommendations from Mr. Oppal's missing women inquiry, which is the good news. The bad news is the following, buried way, way under the lede:

...Other associated recommendations have yet to be completed, (Kasari) Govender of (Westcoast LEAF) said, including providing funding for research looking into why vulnerable witnesses are not believed in court and how that can be fixed...

And how about the flippety, floppity, flippettier and floppiest by Clarklandian transportation minister Todd Stone on the Translink tax as reported by the SLeader's Jeff Nagel?


It would appear that the polling and the focus groups and the business coalition must be driving the Clarklandian's crazy, because even Ms. Clark herself, at least according to the minions running her always quick-winning office has kinda/sorta, but not really reversed herself as well according to CTV News:

...Premier Christy Clark previously said it would be up to the TransLink Mayors’ Council to convince voters to accept the hike, and it’s unclear whether she will personally push for the “Yes” side.

She was unavailable for comment on Tuesday, but in a year-end interview with CTV News last month she spoke cautiously about the referendum.

“If people vote yes, we’re going to take that direction and make it work,” Clark said.

The Premier’s office said Tuesday that Clark will be voting “Yes.”...

Don't know about you but I, for one, sure am glad that our fine Premier doesn't need a weathervane to know which way the wind blows.

And then there was the Minister for Everything, Rich Coleman, who had his good friend and colleague Black Press' Tom Fletcher let us know that, while there will be no previously promised legislation, there will be 'regulation' to ensure that none of the crazy quilt patchwork of proposed gas pipes will be turned into dilbit conveyors, ever.

Don't know about you, but I sure do feel good about the permanence of a little red tape slapped on a set of big pipes by big Rich.

And speaking of permanence....

In the other 'big story' of the day, the Dean himself let us know that we shouldn't worry our pretty heads about the distinct possibility that the $344 billion in planned capital projects that the Clarklandians love to trumpet as a measure of their success won't happen. Why? Because the smart boys from the business land have crunched the numbers and told Mr. Palmer that it was always meant to be that way. Talk about a water carrying assist on the continued downgrading of Ms. Clark's Sparkle Ponies that began some time ago.

Is there an election coming in 2017 or something?




Anonymous said...

Apparently transitioning kids out of care is an international issue...

Anonymous said...

Burrard thermal(cng/lng generator)
950 dormant mW=free

500 mw site 6 revelstoke dam 420 million dollars

site C 10,000 million dollars for 1100 mW not allowed to investigate
=political interference? graft risk?

sd said...

Thanks for putting this together Ross. Don't forget the Province has told us for five days about the MILLION jobs coming. Good grief !

Anonymous said...

You forgot about the most recent BCLC scandal... (prediction #6 for those keeping score)

No, not the 95% of BC lottery employees given performance bonuses...

Not the BCLC minions who took a severance payout and crossed over to Paragon...

BCLC reports technical problems worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

Missing loyalty points, inflated slot machine jackpots leave lottery corporation scrambling

by Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun January 6, 2015

Grant G said...

That story has sat on the Province Newspaper front page for 6 days...

If one clicks the link, the date atop the article states January 6/2014...

Ahh...But the comments below the story go back to January 2/2014..

And, if one actually reads the story...These 1 million jobs(?) won`t really start appearing until 2019..

Meaning not until AFTER the next election..

Oh indeed, The Province newspaper doing their bit to prop up the premier no one believes anymore..

On a side note..

2 days ago on Global BC news, the 6:00 P.M. news hour...

Global BC ran a short 90 second spot on John Horgan..Telling us things we didn`t know about him, Like the fact John Horgan has a Mike Harcourt doll, a John A MandONALD DOLLL AND A PICTURE OF GLEN CLARK IN HIS OFFICE.

Global B.C. ran the segment at 6:58 P.M....The very very final and last segment before the news hour ended...They ran it when everyone is checking/watching the channel guide to see what is coming on at 7:00 PM

Global B.C...yup, NDP can`t say they didn`t get any airtime

Anonymous said...

Glowbul has been giving a ton of air time about the mayor in Sannich who apparently got into a argument! meanwhile Christy and her gang of crooks are all but ignored!?

RossK said...

Thanks Anon-in-the-Middle--

I missed that latest one from BCLC.

It's no longer even an issue of ideology...instead it is one of basic competence in, essentially, all realms.