Thursday, January 01, 2015

Predicting BCPoli in 2015?...#8.


Number 8.

Finance ministry refuses to feed and/or release actual numbers to proMedia members squirrelled away in Budget Day lock-up.

Instead, Cookie Dough Mike's latest book of recipes is handed out to ravenous rabble.

That evening's TeeVee's newscasts lead with the laudatory stories about the generational opportunity of the new, made in British Columbia, 'Tollhouse' economy.

Howe Street rejoices as Eddie Lack, standing in for Strombone 1,  gives big thumbs-up tweet.

(Actual budget released at 3:00am following Saturday night...Two weeks later the Dean writes column blaming Horgan for forcing him to write something about actual numbers re: long term commitments that Cookie Dough Docs explicitly omit)

Number 10...Premier's office announces new 'Aviation Division'.
Number 9...Government tables 'Dobell Doctrine' legislation.



Anonymous said...

Eleanor Gregory said...

By "Tollhouse" economy are you referring to the infamous "Tollhouse cookies" aka chocolate chip cookies? And is this a recipe that cookie dough Mike plans to roll out (or drop from a spoon) in the near future?

RossK said...


Most definitely, maybe, the answer is...