Friday, January 02, 2015

Predicting BCPoli in 2015?... #5.


Number 5.

Uber famous/ultra credible TeeVee ledge guy and known teacher baiter with all the fabulous (and all the all real self-justifying) followers blames BC's best blogger for forcing him to call daycare workers and midwives zealots with an agenda who care nothing about toddlers and/or newborns on the Twittmachine.

(In related non-news, a former BC blogger who arrived late to the Railgate Cult Party-Party gets really, really really steamed because F-Troop blog calls somebody else BC's best...Or some such thing)

Number 10... Premier's office announces new 'Aviation Division'.
Number 9... Government tables 'Dobell Doctrine' legislation.
Number 8... Finance minister tables 'Cookie Dough' budget.
Number 7... Justice minister stops campaigning for 5 minutes...Chaos ensues.
Number 6... BCLC brings craps tables to seawall...It's 'VegasNotVegans!'



Anonymous said...

whos spouse works for what ministry.?

RossK said...



(although, in all honesty, tough to keep track what with all the musicality in all those ministerial chairs)


Lew said...

The only former BC blogger I’m aware of that would take extreme umbrage at such a rating arrived late to the party and promised the guests important Railgate disclosures that never materialized. Meanwhile Keef didn’t even bother to attend the actual party, but loitered outside warning arriving guests it was a flop.

Norm just kept on showing them both how it should be done.

RossK said...


Spot on, on all counts.

As usual.


Anonymous said...

gets really, really really steamed because F-Troop blog calls somebody else BC's best

That is too funny.

RossK said...


But, as you and I both know, not too far off the mark, correct?


Anonymous said...


Norm does a great job on both media ethics and putting the province's financials in context. With solid supporting data.

He's a great choice for #bcpoli's reigning "King of all the Bloggers."

Why anyone would begrudge that is beyond me.