Friday, January 02, 2015

Predicting BCPoli In 2015?.... #3.


Number 3.

Premier unveils new multi-generational, decanal-millenial strategy for staying strong, living free and snowbirding with velvet-cloaked fists of iron.

Or some such thing.


What could it possibly be, you ask?

Why, it's TFW hiring quotas for all government ministries, crown corporations and public money-sponsored/bought-and-paid-for initiatives (and that includes all Vegas-backed P3-gaming initiatives!).

When she is asked about the actual level of the actual quota the Premier will reportedly reply:

"Don't worry, it's only 20%. And if, say, BC Ferries is having trouble meeting the annual quota they can always fill all their summer positions with fine folks from Madagascar and Mazatlan. As for all those local kids looking for summer jobs to pay (a small chunk of) their (ballooning) university tuition? Well, there's a whole world of unpaid intern positions out there. Alternatively, they might want to travel to India or spend a season or three at the Sorbonne. After all, academic tourism worked out just fine for me!"

Number 10... Premier's office announces new 'Aviation Division'.
Number 9... Government tables 'Dobell Doctrine' legislation.
Number 8... Finance minister tables 'Cookie Dough' budget.
Number 7... Justice minister stops campaigning for 5 minutes...Chaos ensues.
Number 6... BCLC brings craps tables to seawall...It's 'VegasNotVegans!'
Number 5... TeeVee Ledge guy admonishes citizens with opinions to stay off the darned Twittmachine...Again.
Number 4... PAB-Bots Revolt!



Lew said...

Makes sense. After all, BC Ferries used a TFW named David Hahn as CEO and look how well that worked out.

RossK said...


Point taken.

And we're pretty sure that gigantic, billowing parachute was not sewn domestically.

(Although our dollars sure as heckfire paid for said sewing)


Anonymous said...

Helicoptered in /golden parachuted out, BC Liberal style? not Gangham style?

Coleman Minister of transparancy,accountability and integrity someday?,not minister of everything?

Anonymous said...

Never in BC.?