Monday, January 05, 2015

Predicting BCPoli In 2015?.........#1.


Number 1.

First off, recall prediction #10:

The Premier's office secretly opens 'Aviation Division', with massive leasing budget, early in year....


What is it really all about Alfie?

Is it to make it possible for the Premier and her exponentially expanding entourage to ring up massive bills without having to submit them to budgetary scrutiny so that they can all fly to, say, Regina at the drop of a hat.

Or is it....

Or is it so that Ms. Clark can call in the helicopters when the Legislative press gallery is finally forced by evil circumstance to ask her to explain the following in the wake of developments in the coming Bonney/Robertson trial:

So, finally, with all that preamble...

Why call in the leased helicopters to land on the Ledge lawn when such questions are asked?

Well, that way Ms. Clark can make like the Gipper himself as she says to the Keef, hand to ear while 'dry/ibbling' her way towards the whirring of the blades...

"Sorry...But.....I...Just..Can't...Hear you!"


That's it folks all ten for the 2015 to come...Please remember that all prognostications are completely and utterly non-credible because we are, after all, nothing but......Idiot bloggers.

Number 10... Premier's office announces new 'Aviation Division'.
Number 9... Government tables 'Dobell Doctrine' legislation.
Number 8... Finance minister tables 'Cookie Dough' budget.
Number 7... Justice minister stops campaigning for 5 minutes...Chaos ensues.
Number 6... BCLC brings craps tables to seawall...It's 'VegasNotVegans!'
Number 5... TeeVee Ledge guy admonishes citizens with opinions to stay off the darned Twittmachine...Again.
Number 4... PAB-Bots Revolt!
Number 3... TFW quotas for all ministries and crown corporations...It's a 'Deca-Millenial Strategy'!



North Van's Grumps said...

Email suggesting inducement - CBC - Stephen Smart

Lew said...

Keef won't ask a follow-up question. He'll be chasing something that got blown off his head by the chopper's rotor wash across the lawn.

e.a.f. said...

hey Lew is that the same sort of thing harper is wearing on his head?

helicopters for the snookie queen? o.k. like she still is getting that $17M a yr from those kids living at 50% below the poverty line. Perhaps snookie queen will reduce welfare rates to finance her new fleet.

Anonymous said...

Here's a shot of (or is that 'at') CC's LNG fantasy

Anonymous said...

Just saw this... seems appropriate for the BC Liberals

19th century economist Henry George: In a corrupt democracy, the best sink to the bottom, the worst float to the top; the vile are ousted only by the viler.