Friday, September 02, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...It Can Be Done.


Bob Mackin, with an FOI-assist, had the money quote in BIV earlier this week:

...(W)e can do this, however the crew to install the plaque has to travel from Edmonton to do the installation. They will have to travel over the [Victoria Day] long weekend to do this work so we will incur a cost premium, but it can be done..."

What's it all about this time Alfie?


This was someone in the Transport Ministry who actually does transportation-type stuff talking, by EMail, to someone who doesn't (i.e. a PAB-Botian-type communications person) about the installation of a plaque about nothing that would be installed in the middle of nowhere that would commemorate a meaningless anniversary for no good reason at all.

Except, of course, that it would have the name or our fine Premier, and the name of her Minister with the fluffy hair, on it.

The cost?

Sixty-five thousand dollars.

Which, if you are still keeping track, is 1,250 bus passes for the disabled.


EMail, you might be asking?....Hmmmm...Wonder if anyone has stomped the transport employee's phone to bits yet?...After all, it's not illegal as long as nobody lies to the ghost of flying Phil Gagliardi about it.



motorcycleguy said...

There have been so many DBPE's (Disabled Bus Pass Equivalents) spent just recently by this group of financial wizards that they now equal an FFU (Fast Ferry Unit). What a disgrace, all for wasteful perks and/or concessions for BC Liberal friends and donators. How many FFU's are we up to just over this last term of governance, nevermind since the beginning of Campbell?

davemj said...

I bet the none reporters low life not caring for there fellow man,will not do a negative report on this disgusting situation,with Toadstoolie Stoned,and Cluless CLUCK CRAP,check those rags they write and media they work for, SPINELESS TWO FACED press gallery goofs,but then they don,t want there family members fired by Premier PUKE.Excuse my name calling but if i did not it would nothing but filthy curse words when is this garbage going to stop.WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

Keith E. said...

can't think why the Canadian taxpayers federation aren't all over this, probably waiting for the fraser institute to go first.