Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hey Vancouver Sun Editorial Board!...On ICBC, Both Sides DON'T.


In an editorial published this morning, the Vancouver Sun has the following to say in the wake of the BC Liberal government's announcement that, after taking $6.4 billion (with a 'B') out of the system, they are now promising (kinda/sorta/maybe) to stop with the dividend gouging for the next 'few years':

...So, that’s all well and good. Where things fall apart is when the government and opposition play partisan political games with what ought to be an autonomous company rigorously regulated by the B.C. Utilities Commission, an agency that should be unfettered in carrying out its responsibilities...


The 'government' and the 'opposition' are equally at fault here for things falling apart?


As you can imagine that got my attention.

So I decided to read on in search of the Vancouver Sun's evidence to back up this most interesting statement.

First up was their hit on the BC Liberals and their leader:

...Premier Christy Clark said she’s maintaining a cap on annual premium increases of 4.9 per cent because she’s “fighting for the ratepayers, the people who drive cars, who buy insurance, the moms and dads who are already finding life unaffordable.”...

Now that hit is something I actually agree with given that, as has been pointed out here repeatedly in recent days, Ms. Clark has actually been screwing those mom's and dad's who drive over, but good, for the last five years.

And did I mention that that $6.4 billion (with a 'B') has helped pay for the BC Liberal government's regressive tax cuts for the well off and resource extractors for the last ten years and build phony ponzi budgets while it screws those mom's and dad's further over their MSP premiums and BCHydro rates?


As for NDP's political skullduggery that proves that both sides are equally at fault on the ICBC rate increase matter?

Well, according to the editorial board of the Vancouver Sun it comes down to the following:

...NDP critic Adrian Dix said a government announcement to stop insuring luxury cars valued at over $150,000 was designed to disguise ICBC’s forced release of hypothetical rate forecasts that suggest an increase of up to 42 per cent by 2020 in a worst case scenario...


That's all the Vancouver Sun editorial board has?

They are seriously complaining that, by pointing out obvious deflector spike spin for what it is (heckfire, even the timing of the announcement by the Minister responsible demonstrates that), the NDP is playing 'political games' that are just as bad as those of Ms. Clark's BC Liberal government on this file?

That is truly bizarre.


Could it be something else?

And one thing I have not seen any member of the local puffed-up Lotuslandian proMedia punditry consider is the possibility that this luxury car thingy may actually be the very thin edge of the privatization wedge in disguise...Regardless, given the timing of the announcement and how little 3,000 vehicles impacts the actual ICBC bottomline in terms of real dollars, the fact that the VSun would raise it to this level of false equivalency re: what the BCLiberal government has done over the past five years and plans to do for the next five re: rate hike, is laughable in the extreme.



Crankypants said...

With this type of reasoning by the Vancouver Sun editorial board one could assume that if Andrew Weaver or Vicki Huntington commented on ICBC then the Green Party or independents would also be considered at fault for ICBC's financial situation.

No wonder their readership continues to dwindle. There is no objectivity to be seen here.

Lew said...

"Where things fall apart is when the government and opposition play partisan political games".

No. Things really fall apart when a major Vancouver newspaper continually plays partisan political games.

Hugh said...

"she’s maintaining a cap on annual premium increases of 4.9 per cent"

4.9% increase annually would mean premiums doubling in about 14 years.

Don F. said...

42% over three years is 14% per year. This is an age old tactic to make us feel so fortunate and that we really should be so grateful if it is held at 4.9%.
They really need to get more sophisticated with their cons. My seven year old granddaughter understands this.

Grant G said...

Vaughn Palmer/Smyth/ and other MSM denizens have also propagated the meme that...

"The NDP had deferral accounts at BC Hydro too"

Big difference...$20 in BC Hydro deferrals under NDP and $billions under the BC Liberals..

Thanks for reporting..however, same song, same manipulation going on 15 years plus..

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Damn Liberals! Looks like I have to sell the Roller!

sd said...

I just read it and was not surprised by the "both sides"aspect. Man it's no wonder that rag is going down.

Anonymous said...

$6.4B in dividends?

Think about all the deferred accounting BC Hydro has been doing and tell me again about the 'dividends' please.

e.a.f. said...

It may be the beginning of getting rid of ICBC, by refusing to insure cars over $150K, but it is also a method of 'class warfare'. Watch to see if Christy and the cabal start blaming the "rich" who drive these cars for the rise in insurance rates thus taking the attention off of her and her cabal looting B.C. HYRDO AND ICBC. There is also the idea out there that most of these, over $150K vehicles, are being driven by non Canadians or Canadians of ethnic back grounds, like in non European. It maybe the beginning of the race card being played. I do not put anything past the B.C. Lieberals. this is the government that more than a few children die in their care, with little improvement in the system and keeps one in 5 children in this province living below the poverty line, with no Poverty Reduction Plan.

By refusing to insure vehicles over $150K Christy and her cabal next year could lower that to $125K and so forth. Pretty soon, a lot of vehciles might not be covered. When you consider a lot of high end pick up trucks can cost $80K and a Mecedes suv can cost $100K, you get the picture. Over a 4 year period they could be no longer covering vehicles over $75K. then it could be come, well why have ICBC at all, and the real fun begins, as a form of class warfare.

We can only hope the B.C. Lieberals are removed from office in the next election. It is the best way to improve the lives of many children in B.C., seniors and the disabled. People might want to consider they aren't in one of those 3 groups right now, but any minute they could be

RossK said...

Well, folks...The thing is, why would the wizards even bother to get sophisticated if their targets fall for their codswallop now?



You talkin' about the Roxy...


(or did you miss that one with given all that Englandfied punkification during your youth?)


Bill said...

Beer's Roller... Rolls Royce?

Anonymous said...

On 22 October 2012, online Canadian magazine The Tyee published an article criticizing the Globe's "advertorial" policies and design. The Tyee alleged that the Globe intentionally blurred the lines between advertising and editorial content in order to offer premium and effective ad space to high-paying advertisers. The Tyee reporter Jonathan Sas cited an 8-page spread in the October 2, 2012 print edition, called "The Future of the Oil Sands", to illustrate the difficulty in distinguishing the spread from regular Globe content.?

RossK said...


Luxury, indeed, with or without the Runaways and/or Bryan (Guy) Adams.


Got it Anon-Directly-Above--

Have a more recent example comin'...


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Oh yeah. Me in a Roller. Even if such a thing just might be my dream car, itself a sidebar of my lottery dream.

As for Roxy Roller that is quite another story. Little sister has a copy of Sweeney Todd's "If Wishes Were Horses" album autographed by all members of the band which I had to listen to as little sister and her little buddies sang along. I got to see the band led by Nick Gilder when they played loads of Mott the Hoople songs in addition to "Roxy Roller." One of my favourite rock shows. Their bass player still plays the odd show with Scottsdale legends and all around good guys Sparkling Apple. And I have like 10 copies of the album with "Roxy Roller" on it. Gilder himself was pretty much from my 'hood - good friend of a friend's older brother.

RossK said...

Figured you might have a thing or three to say about the tune and the folks involved Beer.