Saturday, November 05, 2016

This Day In #BCL16 Land...Madame Premier, Your Base Is Showing.


Which begs the question...

What percentage of the never deplorable, but always faithful (at least as long as there is no viable BC Con party), folks at #BCL16 would have voted FOR a resolution calling for the worsening of such relations?

And just who, exactly, is working so hard to make sure that the BC Blues stay blowed-up real good, again, anyway? 



Lew said...

Isn't it astounding that a political party in a modern democratic country actually develops and votes on whether or not to reduce barriers to employment and social assistance recipients, and whether or not to improve relations with First Nations?

The fact there is a need for a vote, and the fact there is not consensus on such basic tenets of public policy would seem to disqualify that party from holding office.

Except in BC apparently.

RossK said...


'Apparently', indeed.


bcwaterboy said...

" who is working so hard to make sure that the BC Blues stay blowed-up real good, again, anyway? "

Well IMHO, that would be none other than local yocal Stock the Day himself. Why, the close ties with Clark, I can't fathom.

Lew said...


Three quick reads might give you some insight into the mutual attraction.

bcwaterboy said...

Thanks Lew! This could give us some clues about Ms Clark's landing spot when she is finally taken off her "great leadership" pedestal. It certainly won't be in the top ranks of Jimmy Pattison's free enterprise as the other Clark has demonstrated a busy savvy that the new Clark couldn't begin to comprehend.