Friday, November 25, 2016

This Friday In Clarkland (& GordCo, Inc., Too).... Six Point Four Billion.


With a 'B'....

Don't know about you, but I for one sure am looking forward to a soon-to-be-published serial series of increasingly hard-hitting Ron Obvious columns focused on that number rather than the 'low Canadian dollar', or the 'increased claims' (but NOT per capita), or weasel-worded the story of how Ms. Clark's minon Mr. Stone is now going to give us all a break for awhile from these stealth tax....errr....dividend extractions which means that everything is just A-OK and pass the 4.9% happy talk.

Or some such thing.




Anonymous said...


Pasted are my earlier comments which was made ahead of Rob Shaw and Palmer's columns.

Shaw's column backs up my earlier comments suggesting that money will not be saved by cancelling insurance on luxury vehicles and Palmer also suggests the Lierals will "kick" the can down the road.

Just because ICBC stops insuring high-end vehicles, that still puts the rest of us poor smooks driving lesser vehicles on the hook when any ICBC driver is found liable for repairs to a luxury vehicle. You can bet that a private insurer will fight tooth and nail to have blame assigned on the ICBC insured driver.

And can a government self-decreed monopoly possess the constitutional right to refuse to insure a certain class of vehicle just because it is expensive to repair? By definition, one would expect ICBC to act like a monopoly and insure all vehicles owned in BC. This is just a red herring to gloss over its inability to set premium levels on the basis of what it costs to repair a vehicle. Surely, it has been in business long enough to have figured that out.

It's just a way for the government to keep ahead of the story to deflect attention away from the real reason why ICBC is a disaster.

That the government has siphoned off over a billion dollars from ICBC's capital reserves is the real reason why it needs a huge premium increase to stay afloat.

Grant G said...

This won't help either.

Anonymous said...

Vote NDP save and 10 billion dollars to start!

Anonymous said...

Maybe even also save 2.5 billion by twinning tunnel instead of Massey bridge as tunnel would be only 1 billion.
Use burrard thermal to use natural gas to generate like California and NY do.

RossK said...

And/or just tax the populace progressively.

a.k.a. everybody pays their fair share.