Saturday, November 19, 2016

Was The Premier's False 'Laced Weed' Statement 'Disputed' By Vancouver Police?


Just in case you missed it,  the following is precisely what premier Christy Clark 'claimed':

...“Vancouver police did a major seizure, they found cocaine with fentanyl, heroin with fentanyl, methamphetamine with fentanyl and marijuana with fentanyl,” she (Clark) said...

And the following is precisely what the Vancouver police department said in response to Ms. Clark's claim:

...In a statement to CKNW, Sgt. Brian Montague says the VPD has NOT seized any marijuana laced with fentanyl...

And, with those facts established, the following is what Global BC television anchor Sophie Lui said last night on the 6 O'Clock news about Ms. Clark's claim (see 7min 20sec mark, here):

"...The VPD disputes that claim..."


According to the fine folks at Global BC there are no actual undisputed facts here because, clearly, they decided to tell their viewers that this whole thing is a flip-of-a-coinish "he said/she said" -type deal. And, most importantly, they did this without presenting any new evidence to suggest that Sgt. Montague's original statement was in any way incorrect.

All of which has me wondering why any thinking person would actually pay any attention whatsoever to this particular Lotuslandian proMedia outlet given that it has such a hard time dealing with demonstrable facts on the ground straight-up?


Why would they?

Of course, Ms. Lui's he said/she said thingy was immediately followed by a 'the lacing is not beyond the realm of possibility'-type scare story from reporter Jill Bennett who herself stated that it was probably just old, inaccurate information that Ms. Clark was quoting from without providing any evidence that such old, inaccurate information actually exists.
And please, please, please do not misunderstand me...I am not attempting to suggest that the fentanyl crisis is not real and not really, really serious and often life threatening for many of our most vulnerable citizens...My issue here is that our local proMedia continues to demonstrate that it is incapable of dealing with demonstrable falsehoods from our premier in a straightforward and consistent manner...And, to be absolutely clear, I find this inability to deal with such falsehoods to be particularly egregious when it helps provide cover for the fact that our premier is not dealing with matters at hand in a substantive manner.
A Tip O' The Toque to reader ChuckS. for the heads-up about Global's (dis)treatment of this particular story.



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Grant G said...

Also....The Feds are not issuing a national alert...The Feds will monitor opiods prescriptions..

On the news(CKNW)...In February the feds will update their prescription registry, something like that..

In other words, the feds aren't prepared to do anything, not prepared to get loud with China..

On the news...Somehow the news spin cycle has turned the Fentanly crisis into a doctor prescription problem..

No where on the news did they talk about drug dealers lacing illegal DRUGS HEROIN, METH, COCAINE...

It appears Justin Trudeau is only interested in increasing trade with Asia..not interested in rocking the nation to nation boat..

Looks like a whole bunch of sons, daughters, brothers and sisters are going to die..

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