Friday, November 11, 2016

This Holiday Weekend In Clarkland...The Whiplash Pivot.


From Simon Little of CKNW:

Premier Christy Clark says she’s ready to sit down and negotiate with teachers over class size and composition.

It’s the premier’s first comments on the issue, since the Supreme Court of Canada issued a landmark ruling yesterday in favour of teachers in their 14 year battle with the province.

Clark says the province was prepared for the possibility of a loss.

“We all want to put more special needs teachers in classrooms, we all want to make sure that classes are the right size for kids, so I’m excited about that possibility we’ve got ahead of us,” she said...


I, for one, sure don't remember our fine Premier talking about finding the money for anything like that in 2002.

Or 2012.

Or before the 2013 election.

Or after that election and before her Fassbender-driven 'appeal'.

Or after the 2015 Court of Appeals decision.

Or, for that matter, even last week.

But as for private schools?

Including one specific private school that Ms. Clark is clearly connected to...


And, just so you know, this bit of craven word salad spinning was NOT a one-off with CKNW...Instead, it looks like it is a concerted propaganda blitz in which the 'special needs teacher' is being used as a trope....The shamelessness of it is truly breathtaking.



Unknown said...

RossK: Yeah, lest we forget

RossK said...

Thanks Mark--

I've got a memory and I'm going to use it.

And, as an interesting aside, increasingly the archives of this little F Troop-list blog are very useful in this regard.

Anybody who wants to can use it by punching topics into the little search bar at the top left of the page.


Lew said...

The most troubling thing to me about this is not the outlandish BS coming out of Christy's pie hole. She can't help herself; she is what she is. There's much evidence she's been a politically cunning liar since her teenage years.

What really sticks in my craw is that this nonsense is published by multiple MSM outlets completely without challenge. Those enablers are the real problem and they should be called out long and loud on it.

RossK said...


There seems to be a whole lot of 'normalizing' going on in the local proMedia.

Even from the Dean, who lays out the history and then, as has become his modus operandi, entirely pulls his punch at the end.


Because instead of calling for an end to their BCLiberal reign he goes for his old stand-by, binding arbitration.


sd said...

What utter bullshit from this lying sack of crap!

Anonymous said...

I agree with SD above. This whole bunch of clowns are nothing but speakers of crap and BS,ears all the past 15 years.

Time to remove the trash, next election, it has to be done!

davemj said...

What the hell are backers that called in to the talk shows and backed her against the teachers going to think?and the cost this pile of manure piled on us while her Ass kissing talk show hosts the likes of BULL GOOD,SHIT etc LESLIE,N.W.keeping making the same mistakes. Chris Gallus is now doing a combined gig at six do they make that kind of money off the Govt they dont give a RATS ASS about there listners?Some advice to them people are tuning out!Quit the LIBERAL propaganda spin listen to your ex listeners or go to the malls,pubs,Seniors centersdont take it from me.

Anonymous said...

I have to toally agree with Lew. An interesting read by Matt Taibbi from the Rolling Stone Mag about those "enablers" with regards to Trump. Seems to me Canadian media, especially BC media is following in the same footsteps.