Friday, November 18, 2016

This Friday Afternoon In Clarkland...The Double Down.


With deflector spin phasers set to eleven, the PAB-Botian flack-hackery has doubled down on the "fentanyl-found-in-weed" claim from premier Christy Clark that was de-bunked by Lotuslandian police officials earlier today.

And to do so they went all the way back to that place they had their boss dump $150K off the back of a podium for no good reason at all...

That's right, Massett on Haida Gwaii, where the Horsemen are plugged right into all that is going on in the Downtown Eastside, apparently.

Mike Laanela of the MoCo has the follow-up story:

...The premier's office pointed to an RCMP warning last week that marijuana laced with fentanyl may be circulating in the Haida Gwaii community of Masset.

"Masset RCMP has reason to believe that there is marijuana available for sale in Masset that is laced with fentanyl," said the statement.

But Cpl. Madonna Saunderson told the CBC the warning was based solely on concerns raised by community members and there "was never any marijuana seized or handed to police" to back up the claims...


Even when she makes stuff up out of whole cloth that very fine PAB-Botian army (that we pay for) will still attempt to cover for our good premier.


I wonder which way Mikey-Mike will go come Sunday?

(Update: Sunday Nov 20/16...Mr. Smyth of the Province did the right thing)


And as for the minister actually responsible for this type of stuff?

Well, he says that facts don't matter as long as you scare the crap out of people.

Or some such shadowy shadow of a possibility-type thing:

...​B.C. Public Safety Minister Mike Morris said on Friday that he hadn't spoken to the premier about where she got her information, but he said, even if there was no hard evidence, her message was worthwhile.

"I'm looking at it from a public safety perspective here, and if there's a shadow of a possibility that fentanyl can be laced into marijuana or any other substance that we have out there, we need to be as vocal and vigilant as we can to make sure people are aware of that, so that's where I'm coming from," he said...



North Van's Grumps said...

even if there was no hard evidence, her message was worthwhile.


Overall, the main difference between hard and soft evidence is that hard evidence is always preferable to softer alternatives, for the simple fact that even the best soft evidence cannot outweigh hard evidence in any form. That said, there is still value to soft evidence, especially in the absence of hard evidence.

RossK said...


The point here is that there was NO EVIDENCE in what Ms. Clark originally said, which was the following:

...“Vancouver police did a major seizure, they found cocaine with fentanyl, heroin with fentanyl, methamphetamine with fentanyl and marijuana with fentanyl,” she (Clark) said...

Thus, Mr. Morris is also making stuff up.


North Van's Grumps said...

An interesting RCMP website topic: What is Fentanyl? It lists off other names for Fentanyl, and coincidentally?? it appears that the RCMP did a Cut and Paste from TruNarc v1.5 Handheld Narcotics Analyzer with Fentanyl, MBLMes, and Emerging Synthetic Cannabinoids from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she meant it,weed, was under investigation by our friends at the RCMP?

Crankypants said...

The only reason I see for the spin cycle on Christy Clark's statement is to deflect from the fact that they didn't follow Alberta's lead in going after the distributors of the pill pressers. One could even make the case that they aided and abetted the fentanyl expansion eastwards with their inaction.

e.a.f. said...

nice comment there crankypants. you're going to make the Christy trumpers unhappy with comments like that. keep up the good work.

CTV at 6 went over this, and with the statements by the politicos but there was information which clearly indicated Christy and the truth had once again departed ways. I think it might be better to just say when she and the truth are together. its starting to look like that old joke of How can you tell when........ is lying? Their lips are moving. In this case it would be how can I tell when a B.C. Lieberals is lying? Their lips are moving.

and there she was all decked out in her good girl outfit in white. all she needed was the cow boy hat in white. guess some one didn't tell her they have found that people dressed in navy blue are considered to be more believable. Oh, wait it could be she is wearing white because she wants to pretend she is a political virgin. Oh, well she dresses as badly as she governs

Chuckstraight said...

How could a message be "worthwhile" if it is a lie. I watched the uneducated one spew the same BS on Global News last night. And no disclaimer to say it had never been found in weed.
Christy Trump?

Anonymous said...

SH @e.a.f.

You're onto something...It's all about messaging...Melania Trump wore white when she infamously gave Michele Obama's speech…

Check this out:

Lew said...

The Premier of our province has no business speaking on the national stage (or anywhere else) on issues of policing and public safety unless fully briefed on the issue by the minister she brought into cabinet for that purpose.

Christy Clark either doesn't trust Mike Morris enough to ask for information on key issues, or he gave her false information. So instead of flailing around publicly grasping at the most pathetic of straws (which sends a clear message to potential drug users that the warnings of those in charge can't be trusted), Mike Morris should resign.

Anonymous said...


How will Clark's PABsters spin the bad news about Trumpy's Malyasian Connection? Uprisings are such a nuisance:

RossK said...



The fine folks running the evening TeeVee news didn't even bother with the counter factual narrative when it had been splattered all over the place all day?

I'm telling you...This is the real problem...And it is why the wizards want their horses to spout such codswallop...Clearly, they know that, even when said codswallop is thoroughly de-bunked, it won't be seriously (and/or consistently) challenged.

And Ron Obvious wonders why single shot hit pieces won't stick...



Chuckstraight said...

I remember the "debate" back in 2013- when asked about pot, Dix I think indicated he favoured some form of decriminalization, when Christy was asked the same thing- she said something to the effect - I see what is on your ( Adrian Dix) mind. She was not asked to actually answer the question.
It would appear to me that Christy is really trying to lead the war on drugs as a diversion of sorts from the real stuff?
Keep up the good work RossK.

Lew said...

Interesting that our fine Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General is willing to grasp at straws looking for "a shadow of a possibility" to scrape the egg off his boss' mug, but when I ask him to investigate a very strong prima facie case that BC's Attorney General presided over law-breaking right in his own ministry he won't go there.

He's apparently not made of the right stuff.

North Van's Grumps said...

Friday, November 18, 2016 7:03 PM
Solicitor General Mike Morris, ex-RCMP:

"As we’ve all heard from the Vancouver Police Department, this was reported in error, and we’ve also heard from the RCMP that the reports out of Masset earlier this week are also not confirmed.

"With that now clear, let’s move forward in our fight against this deadly drug. We continue to warn the public that any and all drugs can be tainted with fentanyl, including marijuana.

What is not clear is why didn't the BC Liberal 'George Gretes' check out the facts before spouting such nonsense?

RossK said...

Thanks NVG--

So...Let's just move on because accountability doesn't matter, I suppose, when you live and work and bamboozle in an environment where shadows of shadowy possibilities are the things that matter most.

Or some such thing.

Anonymous said...

May 2017 the post truth election?