Friday, February 10, 2017

Does Melissa McCarthy Have A Twin That Could...

....Play our very own Sean Spicer, 'The Smarter They Come' version?

Because, you know.

Of course, for those with long memories...Recall, if you will, that, before he was officially conflicty,  the good Mr. Smart was once the member of a gang of four club members that made darn sure that Robin Mathews couldn't get a technology-enabling press pass during the Railgate trial debacle long before he became an in-house, up-front, paid-in-full shill for the BC Liberals. 
Update: Just in case you missed it....The original source of Mikey Mike's force-feeding has been 'revealed'
Thanks to readers SH for the tip on the smartest one in the very small room's tweet and Bill for the heads-up on Mikey Mike's latest in the comments.



Bill said...

And it comes out today it was Vicki Huntingdon that put it out there.Mr. Horgan has asked for a retraction and apology, but she's holding tough, despite a face covered in egg. Take her to court and sue the hell out of her for some of the money she has stashed away from the access for cash bull$hit. The arrogance is amazingly disgusting.

North Van's Grumps said...

Must be a great feeling for those Free Enterprise people who donate to BC Liberals that their cash is going to fight a lawsuit, A Made In BC (Liberal) product

Question: Can their (donaters) money be used in a court case when part of their money came in the form of tax credits?

Anonymous said...


Mikey Mike must have seen dorsal fins circling in the swamp.

Lew said...

Vicki Huntington says, “I felt very strongly that this was a breach of B.C.’s privacy laws so we decided to contact a journalist we trust.”

Looks like the Local Lotuslandian proMedia Scorecard has been validated as well.

Anonymous said...


I nominate iconoclast: Elvira Kurt, Queen of the CBC's "Cultural Hall of Shame":
(note Ghomeshi's body language @ 22 seconds)

Keith E. said...

Mike Smyth of the province,

with a notable last couple of sentences

"I agree with her. I congratulate Vicki Huntington for blowing the whistle on the Liberal website privacy breach, and I applaud her courage for speaking out and defending the truth."

Problem is, M.Smyth had previously seen the info. on the liberals website, why did he to wait to use V. Huntingdon as a scource and not run with the story when he first saw it. Oh right, got it, just answered my own question.

Eleanor Gregory said...

It is outrageous that a political leader would attempt to turn her party's own poor judgment (to say the least) in having private information openly available on its own website into an accusation of criminal activity against the opposition party.

Need I say more?

e.a.f. said...

that was certainly an entertaining read. Good for Smythe and Huntington.

So again my question: what is the difference between trump and Clarke? its o.k. if you take a few hours to think about it.

So they wanted some one they could trust and didn't go to the "Dean"? what a surprise. Guess he'd just bury it.

Christy, photo op queen, really won't stop at anything to win the upcoming election? She's all out branding Horgan and the NDP as criminals while she and her party hardy friend, Cadieux, are letting children in care die one after another, with no fix after all those years in office. How sick is this woman? Now what was it that some people said Trump was, started with an n, narcist, right, that is what in my opinion Christy Clark is, a narcissist. Its all about Christy and getting re elected, She spent so much time raising her war chest she didn't pay attention to the needs of children in this province. She was so intent on "creating" her "surplus" she denied people basic requirements, i.e. food, clothing, health care, medicine, mental health care. Upp Christy Clark got her $2Billion surplus and how many people died for her to get it. Her accusations against the NDP is just another e.g. of some one who in my opinion really doesn't know anything about governing. Hell even el gordo knew how to get more revenue that photo op queen does.

J MacDuff said...

The Liberals have over 200 propagandists, yet they can only copy others strategy.

The dump of emails on the latest "fake" investigation of the Health Initiatives firings. Copied directly from the FBI Wiener/Clinton email dump. #SAD. Disgusting as the Liberals know exactly; who, what, when, why and where. Why does the media not know this?

The vile attempt to say the NP have promised the dirtiest election ever. Seems a direct copy of the position taken by a certain fellow in respect to the Polish attack on a radio station in 1939. WTF.
Is not Christy directly quoted as “We will do anything to win?”

Now the “hack” of their website. Based on the Liberals leaving easily accessed private files on their website. Was not hacking a deal in the US election? These propagandists are slow.
A distraction from the latest MCCF scandal and loss of life. Truly morally corrupt. The media published her witty remarks and then leaves the lie to rot. Maybe we should insist on a separation of State and MSM.
What a disgusting display and total lacking of conscience and morals.

sd said...

"Diva of Diversion"! Who knew Vicki could land a killer punch line?

Anonymous said...

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

― Winston S. Churchill

scotty on Denman said...

Now that Trump has popularized the sandbox tactic of accusing accusers of what they accuse, we are too quick to accuse Christy of copying the same thing.

In fact, she's deployed this puerile posturing pandering to the puerile peanut gallery since before the Donald got into his political short-pants. She honed her accusatory chops in opposition and was rewarded with a cabinet post whence she tore up teachers' labour contract and responded to their accusation of unconstitutionality by accusing them of being the fifth column of pure evil holding school- kids hostage. It doesn't need to make sense---Christy's most enduring political perfidy.

And now the Donald doing it, her legacy? We'll have to wait see.

Throwing an accusation straight and hard back at accusers like the Donald does initially shocked Americans (pleasantly from his supporters' point-of-view); when accused of speaking falsehoods, he simply accuses back, "You are fake news." But we here in BC are---or should be--- used to this kind of absurdism, and we'll have to get used to paying for it by way of, for example, a hugely expensive dam damned by the absurd non-existence of its LNG-powering rationale: there simply is no LNG. It was last election's whopper, now this one's absurdity (and for the cost, a prudential perversity too).

Site-C is a huge election campaign stage-prop meant to bait the NDP into criticizing it (rightly deserved) so's to paint it as the "Party of No." Site-C is as well laid out and founded as the LNG paean of last time, and designed to be too far along to turn back, only in fact instead of in pipe-dreams. But it presents a dangerous double edge for all that, and betrays an increasingly palpable nervousness on the government's part. Perhaps that's why Christy's as jittery as a hyped-up horse in the starting gate: despite the best laid and most paid plans, polling numbers are gone awry, her opponent is formidable instead of pusillanimous, and her track record more damning than ever.

Perhaps that's why she jumped the gun---nerves: accusing the NDP of intending to fight the dirtiest campaign ever she inadvertently reveals what her party plans to do itself. Maybe better make that "jump the shark."

Now all she has to do is get used to an opponent who hits back.

North Van's Grumps said...

"an opponent"?? silent majority of voters

sd said...

Deflection was her actual word.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Looks like honest home based journalist may be able to take the next three months off. Christy apparently has plans to write everything she needs to dig her own grave.

Bill said...

Its all good folks _ Christy left a voicemail apology!

Ray Blessin said...

Prediction: Todd Stone will lead the so-called "liberals" into
the May 9 election.

Anonymous said...

SH @ Ray Blessin

Your prediction is further bolstered by this 'seat' winner:

Todd Stone ‏@toddstonebc Feb 9

Just broke ground at @thompsonriversu for the $30M Industrial Training & Technology Centre, creating 550 new trades seats in #Kamloops👷🏽‍♀️🚜

John's Aghast said...

And isn't the new $417 Million Hospital sans Doctors in Todd Stones riding? I've heard (some time ago) that he was being groomed for the new Liberal leader - with or without the $50,000 stipend?
Wonder how Chrispy will gracefully opt out?

Dave said...

Isn't Carol Taylor still around with..........If so, i could see that more the new leader...........

Lew said...


Carole Taylor is apparently advising Christy at $1 per year, and working out of Christy's Vancouver offices. Hope she's proud of her role.

Anonymous said...

a person can not even leave a message good or bad for M Smyth at the province

Anonymous said...

Try getting a response from post media in general ? More of a monologue?

Anonymous said...

The empress has no clothes to the diva of deflection?
How about diva of destruction-post it note delete shred ?

RossK said...

While they clearly like having her around as a fixer, I'm not sure the fine folks really running the BC Liberal party would want an almost real liberal (note case change) like Ms. Taylor in charge.


Anonymous said...

"Real Liberal" Really?

A real liberal is just a "real" Con-Servative with their hats on backwards. Con-Servative, Lieberal, no difference, turn them up upside down and the look the same.

RossK said...


Again, please note case change between 'L' and 'l'.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'm not buying the idea that the Liberals are going to (further) try to new and improve themselves by bringing on a new leader. If they were really trying on such an idea it would suggest they are in bigger trouble in the Interior than I am hearing about if who they are trying on is from Kamloops.

RossK said...


The wizards only pay attention to stuff like that when the numbers tell them they will lose if a change is not made...Proof of that principle can be seen in their actions in 2010.

(oh, and in case anyone has forgotten...2004 too)


Don F. said...

What john Horgan chooses to do now should enlighten us all as to his seriousness about winning this election. He should press charges and not back off. She would bury him if she could.

e.a.f. said...

It is too late in the game to change leaders unless she were to resign due to "family/health" issues, if they could force her to resign. They have nothing to offer her. They got el gordo to resign, but they had that nice job in London, England for him.

Now there maybe federal Liberals who adhere to the "liberal family" values, given who her ex. is, if you write anything negative on Warren Kinsella's blog, about Christy, it doesn't get printed, he of Chretien's time and big time supporter of Christy's staffer who was charged in Ontario. so would the new kid on the block give her an appointment so the b.c. party could have an out?

In my opinion big business has paid too much to keep her in office. Todd Stone has been campaigning for her job since he raised the speed limits, but he isn't going to work either. they either need someone from the outside or go with the photo op queen. Outside doesn't include Taylor. She has been there the whole time and hasn't done much of anything. Oh, well you get what you pay for and they say she is working for $1 a yr. ya,............

photo op queen may well be re elected but with a minority, just enough people haven't died yet in the average voter's family for them to want to change their vote. (understand that is an awful thing to say, but what is going on in the province hasn't impacted a lot of people)