Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TDDIC...All Your Legislations 'R Us.


Rob Shaw, writing in the VSun yesterday, made it clear that Andrew Weaver will not support any card check legislation from John Horgan.

Which is all fine as far as it goes, and is not unexpected (although I wonder if there would be a Fac. Ass'n at the fine institution where Mr. Weaver plies his academic trade if a secret ballot only-type certification drive was held today).

But what really caught my eye in the piece was the following from the good Mr. Shaw:

...Weaver said the Greens are interested in co-operating with the Liberals and NDP on other legislation (including potentially voting in favour of a Liberal bill to ban corporate and union donations), but warned he won’t allow any party to unilaterally push bills through the legislature...

Of course, the above passage was neither presaged with nor followed by any mention whatsoever of the fact that the BCNDP has introduced such legislation six times already in legislatures controlled by the BC Liberal Party and, most recently, Ms. Christy Clark.

In addition, there was no mention that Mr. Shaw's employer is one of the current crop of big money proMedia donor's to the BC Liberal Party of Ms. Christy Clark.

Kind of makes you wonder if Postmedia has made any deepest, darkest money-type contributions to Ms. Clark et al. in the past few weeks.

Perhaps Mr. Shaw could report back and let us know if that is or is not the case before we are forced to fork out $350 million to help service the restructured debt of the hedge fund that controls them and/or keep the big bonuses rolling in for the really big Postmedia bosses that are apparently so deserving of them.




Crankypants said...

Is it any wonder that the MSM is considered as irrelevant by more and more people each day. They profess to be the ones to hold our governing bodies to account while they contribute money to those same entities. Makes sense to me.

Lew said...

Remember the good old days when the faux journalists at least bothered to practice pretense?

motorcycleguy said...

Has Mr. Shaw reported back yet?

RossK said...


Unfortunately, I have long been blocked by Mr. Shaw on the Twittmachine.


Anonymous said...


re "Dark" and "unreported" campaign money: Horgan and Weaver must introduce legislation to cap election spending.

Anonymous said...

Agreed ...Cap election spending, and go after all the money that has been squandered by the BC Liberals and their schemes for enriching their donors and party friends. The solutions will have to be out of the box thinking, it's time taxpayers had the final say in how their money is spent, not a gang of miscreants...

Scotty on Denman said...

Weaver let slip a tell about how he conceives proportional representation: he said his party doesn't allow any party to unilaterally push bills through the legislature---which reveals his expectation, if pro-rep is ever implemented, that majorities will have become a thing of the past.

There are all sorts of opinions whether that's true or a good thing, but it needs to be noted that the composition of the Assembly is decided by voters and, though not as likely, even pro-rep can elect a majority, in which case a party could, would and often should pass bills through the legislature unilaterally.

It needs reminding that passing bills is the intended primary function of the voter-elected Assembly---backed by the confidence test---and that whatever goes on at committee or in-camera negotiations between parties in a hung parliament, the kind pro-rep would most likely produce, is almost always without reference to the electorate and entails compromising promises made to the various party supporters, and almost always with parties' fortunes considered first.

davemj said...

Postmedia Parasites and the do as your told puppet reporters that are ruining media and their own reputations.The crooked Govts should never allow newspapers to have a monopoly like Postmedia but all sleep and eat together and want millions from the Feds to bail them out.It's a effing HORROR show with Clark holding the Banner and Limply Markie Mark support the fat BUTT bull shitter.