Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Last Days Of Clarkland...Section 44.


Straight from British Columbia's 'Constitution Act':

44  If a vote in the Legislative Assembly is tied, the Speaker has a casting vote.

All the rest is prologue.

And nothing more.


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Ed Seedhouse said...

It's becoming clearer and clearer that the Liars are trying to suborn democracy by holding a snap election when a majority of members of the house have confidence in John Horgan and are prepared to demonstrate it. Then the Liars expect to be able to snow the public with a vast expenditure of money, drowning out all other voices and regain their majority.

Will British Columbians stand for this, or will they let democracy in this province die?

Ed Seedhouse said...

Although, CC's responses in Q.P. today seemed to be those of someone accepting her fate...strange.

Ed Seedhouse said...

And at 4:00 it seems they are debating the non confidence motion and it may see a vote today. Then we shall see what, if anything, CC may try.

Scotty on Denman said...

The desperate charade began when Christy had nothing but LNG whoppers that ethereally necessitated the Site-C dam to power a fantasy industry, not one whit of which has become real. It ends at the final chapter when the worst government in BC history confirms as much when it adopts its rivals' platforms whole-hog, admitting, in not so many words, that its regime and policies have failed to meet its promises and have been a serious detriment to the province---exactly how much we've become accustomed to not knowing in any detail.

Christy's resignation to tomorrow's probable non-confidence vote against her government is not epilog, but rather the last act supposed---or prayed---to predicate the BC Liberal-penned finale: an election to preclude the Green-Dipper majority from ending the BC Liberals' power to prevent damning revelations about their administration from becoming public and mortally inflicting their chances of ever getting elected to power again. Her resigned demeanour is intended to blame the NDP and Greens for precipitating an election two out of three citizens say they don't want. It is charade in sincerity and in fact.

Whatever happens tomorrow, you can bet the price of admission that she will betray that feigned resignation by coming out of her corner swinging with all the desperation of someone fighting for their very life.

Our little farmhouse now twirls back down to earth, and only the Ruby Slippered feet will show from under its landing spot.

There's no place like home.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree Scotty. Looking into the future, an election is not likely. However if by some " miracle" she pulls off the unthinkable, there is something else to consider. The business coalition was shocked at the reversal of the party platform after the election. My understanding is many stalwart conservatives are appalled at her and de jongs flip flop. Even if an election were to happen, can the party renege on the throne speech promises? I think not. Many conservatives could bolt from the party and hook up with the bc Conservative party, adding one more unknown into the equation. This would split the business coalition and fracture any ability of the Liberals to form a government, as long as Weaver and Horgan stay united in their cause, the end of the Clark era. That scenario is a definite possibility.
But back to reality. The confidence vote will happen, the government will fall. Whatever happens after that is up in the air at this point. From my perspective, we won't have an election now, but maybe in 2 or 3 years. By then, the BC Liberals may be a forth political party in the province, and they may have enabled the BC conservatives to become a potent force, by their actions of the past 72 hours.