Tuesday, June 20, 2017

TDDIC...Sometimes The Best Way To Help A Crony Is To Absolutely Nothing At All.


Well, well, well...

Whadd'ya know.

The ability of the provincial government to actually lay Environmental Act-related charges against those finest of the very fine folks for all that stuff went down at Mt. Polley three years ago will soon end.

Gordon Hoekstra of the VSun has the story. Here is his lede:

A deadline looms for provincial charges to be laid in the failure of the tailings dam at Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley mine, but the B.C. Conservation Officer Service says the investigation has not finished.

There is a three-year time limit to lay charges under B.C.’s Environmental Management Act. The deadline is less than two months away, on Aug. 4.

The conservation service has been leading a joint investigation with the federal Environment and Fisheries departments.

Chris Doyle, deputy chief of the B.C. Conservation Officer Service, said Tuesday that when the investigation is complete, the findings will be forwarded to Crown counsel for review and to determine what charges will be laid, if any.

Doyle said he could not comment on whether the investigation would be complete before the three-year deadline...


It's not like the proprietor of Imperial Metals and/or various and sundry associates and/or associated companies has given a million dollars to the BC Liberals or anything.



Come to think of it, perhaps we should check to see what Norm Farrell has to say about that....

Hang on a moment...

This will only take a second...

I stand corrected!

And...One can only wonder how much darkest of all the dark money is being showered upon Clarklandia by said proprietor, associations and/or associated Co's as you read this?
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Many thanks to an Anon-O-Mouse in the comment threads for the heads up on this one.



Lew said...

“A dedicated team of 15 to 16 B.C. conservation officers have been working on the case with several federal Environment and Fisheries officers, said Doyle. ‘It’s a very complex investigation,’ he said.”

Three years with a team of twenty, and he delivers too late for the investigation to mean anything? There should be an investigation into the investigation.

RossK said...


Indeed there should be an investigation into the investigation.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, me thinks political expediency is the real delay here. Any form of linkage between the acccused and the enforcement agency or the crown, period would be cause for great concern. Oh but then, what does that matter, the donation should cover all that eh? Since when does an investigation need a time limit? When it's an investigation into a political quagmire.

RossK said...


I, for one, do not believe that any such linkage and political expediency are necessarily mutually exclusive here.

In fact, I would go one further...

If the proMedia got up on its legs and started making a fuss that led to a big swing in public opinion I would be willing to take very short odds that the Wizards would have that report out yesterday and that proceedings would have begun this morning (after first informing the benefactor, through double-secretion cone-of silence non-meeting meetings that he would be made whole in the end, of course).