Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Last Doomed Day Of Clarkland...100% Dead Wrong One Last Time.


First this, from The Tyee's Andrew MacLeod on the Twittmachine:


Didn't the coalition demonstrably demonstrate, unequivocally, that they can and will collaborate when they voted earlier this week to kibosh the good Ms. Clark's fake (i.e. folks like the great bunch at SNC Lavelin would love it because they would still be able to give the Crony Party of their choice a million bucks whenever they want to) BigMoneyBanBill?

Just sayin'...

What it really comes down to in the wake of Craig James' 'speech' to the Ledge last week and Mike de Jong's codswallopanarianism this week re: the speaker is the following....Is the fix already in?
And I'm not talking about constitutionality, or legal standing, or even convention here...Instead, I'm talking about what the wizards are willing to do?...And don't forget that, in the past, they have been willing to do a lot, many times over...
I really do hope that the answer is a resounding 'No'....However, I think it would be foolish not to be prepared for the opposite given the stakes involved and the wizards' past performance.



Anonymous said...

Sorry Christie...the NDP/Green coalition has already been shown to work. Time to pack your bags, your done...,Minority parliaments have worked in many places. This new coalition will do just fine...enjoy your retirement in opposition.

davemj said...

It's obvious this is all planned when the Greens and N.D.P joined forces.Her sneering smile and nasty demeanour they will pull every dirty trick in the book.She as good as said an election will happen, her and her pal the L.G.have it all decided.I am sure the people will be really pissed with her if we are forced to go into another election saying the opposition were given everything that they had ran on. I think she will pay the price for this and they will lose more seats than they bargained for

Anonymous said...

In case of snap election, I'll be volunteering on my local NDP campaign. I'll donate as much as I can bear on day 1 and again on payday. We know which ridings were lost due to vote splitting with the Greens, and so do the Libs. Liberal money will rain on those constituencies so I might have to donate money to some of those candidates as well.

Scotty on Denman said...

M Guichon may decide to call an election instead of letting the majority govern and be tested themselves with any number of confidence votes. Guichon's excuse, which of course she wouldn't make on her own (cherry-picking a tradition she'd like to keep), would be the particular circumstance which has been heralded as "unprecedented" so many times it's unprecedented---the number of times, that is.

Since taking the Sovereign's representative to court would be truly unprecedented---it is, remind, modern times, lest we lose our heads---as would appeal directly to Her Majesty the Queen (which very nearly did happen when Harper created his own precedent by bullying Her Excellency Jean into proroguing parliament solely to avoid a confidence vote on a tabled bill that he was afraid of losing---the only reason it didn't being that it would have been without precedent), the only recourse would be to register what should be a hearty protest at the BC Liberals' continuing corruption of democratic principles they do in order to avoid accounting for their administrative corruption, which will surely happen if they ever lose the power to stop it. That is, protest by way of election which, it should be said amongst all the grousing about such a distasteful thing, our duty, and one perhaps never more necessary as it would be if basic democratic principles are ever so presumptuously laid out on the butcher's block.

The irony is supreme: after a truly desperate attempt at cephalopod-like camouflage among the tenets of social responsibility to appear completely unlike what they've always been, the BC Liberals' next step, no matter what the Governor does, will simply underscore the exact opposite, that they appear more like what they've always been than ever before.

I'm hoping for an existential Watery-loo for the Mange of Dystrophy. And if we have to endure another election, let it not be low-flush this time.