Monday, June 19, 2017

This Doomed Day In Clarkland...The Darkest Money Of All.


That was then (i.e. last week):

The BC Liberals have stopped disclosing political donations in “real time,” saying they are instead focusing staff time on preparing for potential new fundraising rules under an NDP government...

This is now (i.e. today):

The BC Liberals say they are listening to the message from voters, but some will interpret it as a desperate bid to hold onto power...


...The party plans to announce a $100 a month increase to income assistance, and will also expand LIFT, a program that helps single parents with child care and expenses while they upgrade skills.

Along with those rate increase, the Liberals are promising a new mechanism to increase welfare rates annually and tie disability rates to the rate of inflation.

In addition to the social assistance changes, the BC Liberals will also promise a ban on corporate and union donations....


Where is all that new and now completely dark and unreported crony money coming from and what will it 'pay' for?


You can be sure of one thing...

If the puffed-up local pundit gentry are fully in compliant hollow back mode (now that they have all taken the bait and written/spoken of the terrible, awful, no good faux speaker crisis), and if the associated wurlitzering has moved the secret poll and focus group numbers enough to trigger the nuclear ranchland option we will know absolutely nothing until after the ensuing snappily popped and cracked election.

If you get my drift.

Meanwhile, Alison has a very important product replacement announcement.
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

A deadline looms for provincial charges to be laid in the failure of the tailings dam at Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley mine, but the B.C. Conservation Officer Service says the investigation has not finished.

There is a three-year time limit to lay charges under B.C.’s Environmental Management Act. The deadline is less than two months away, on Aug. 4.

- by Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun

Anonymous said...

nasa in BC- never a straight answer?

lie til you poli die (election)?
spend til the lobby money end?
repeat again?

RossK said...

Thanks for the heads ups Anons-Above.


Anonymous said...

When Clark, in a notarized legal document rescinds her governments commitment to site C and Kinder Morgan to show meaningful change and crosses the floor and joins the NDP, then perhaps she would gain a certain amount of credibility. Until then,she should stop playing political games and stop her pathological obsession to power and the limelight and allow BC to move forward. What would a new election provide and accomplish? More stability and certainty? Highly doubtful. We would end up where we are now. In other words, Clark seems to be the common stumbling block, so perhaps she should remove herself from the equation and allow government to get back to work so the politicians can at least start earning their high salaries.

RossK said...


Excellent points, but...

Would you actually trust a notarized legal document from the good Ms. Clark?


Put another way...

How long would it take the Supremes of Canuckistan to enforce said doc?


Scotty on Denman said...

The completely out-of-character BC Liberal about-faces---the substance of which hardly anyone (including BC Liberals themselves) really believes---are proffered almost as if they comprise in toto some kind of rationale for either allowing these rotters to continue governing or for calling another election without ever losing the power to block revealing whatever it is they to want to hide. It goes like this: "We BC Liberals are adopting the entire Green and NDP platforms, so whatever differences there might be other than that deserves reference to the electorate.

As one American senator said about the Trump administrations obstruction-of-justice problems, they're not acting as if they have nothing to hide. The conciseness is superb.

Isn't anybody curious to see whatever it is that makes the BC Liberals so desperate to hang on to power (that is, the power to keep hiding whatever it is).

Anon above: the pathology about holding onto power stems from pathologically unethical administration that the BC Liberals do their best to conceal.

Crankypants said...

Scotty is correct. The BC Liberal Party is proffering up everything they stand against as new and improved policy for some reason. There must be some very dirty laundry they do not wish to ever see the light of day. Maybe things are even worse than many of us suspect.

Anonymous said...

Wow, we're all thinking the same thing. Why are the BC Liberals are so *desperate* to hang onto power?! there must be a #$%@ of corruption they want to stay covered up.

And a whole lot of corruption and crony deals still to come as they bleed the province dry.


Anonymous said...

It's time to order the orange jumpsuits. A corruption inquiry and the resulting criminal trials, will make for some of the best theatre and political revelation in years. If they are guilty jail them. Seems a lot more has gone on in the past 15 years than we realize. We are not talking about adding a deck onto someone's house, or a few ferries now are we....