Sunday, August 14, 2011

And Now For Some Real HST/PST News....


Update: At the bottom of the post

Did Cookie-Maker Guy just diss the Birdman?

Why, yes, it would appear that is indeed so, based on an unbylined* story in The Province:

If the anti-HST side wins the referendum, and B.C. returns to the old provincial sales tax, will the government bring back the old PST exemptions on things such as restaurant meals and taxi fares?
Finance Minister Kevin Falcon has refused to say. But Health Minister Mike de Jong isn't so coy.
"The choice is the HST as it exists today, or the PST as it existed previously," de Jong told me.
"There were some [PST] exemptions in place.
"One of the arguments about the PST was there wasn't a lot of rhyme or reason to exemptions. But we're not going to re-hash that now.
"If people opt to get rid of the HST and go back to the PST as it existed in 2009, that's what the government is going to do."...

And didn't the Premier just bring in an enforcer to keep this kind of thing from happening?

*The lack of byline is interesting, no?.....Is it possible that no member of 'The Club' wanted to put their name on this wee bit of troublemaking?
Update: Actually, it would appear that there was no conspiracy...Instead it would appear to be nothing more than, sloppy online editing and layout-making at The Province....The apparent nature of the situation is explained here.


Norm Farrell said...

"there wasn't a lot of rhyme or reason to exemptions. . . "

Oh, really?

Like used clothing and footwear for children 14 and under? Fabric, yarn and patterns for making or repair clothes? Books and magazines, smoke alarms, insulation, energy star windows, doors and skylights?
How about work related safety devices and supplies need by people with disabilities.?

Bloody stupid, lying politician! There was much thought that went into exemptions. Thought that was thoroughly lacking when HST was imposed as a multi-billion dollar favour for big business.

de Jong, like Falcon, has a bird sized brain.

RossK said...

...Which, some might suggest, is considerably smaller than that of the Cookie Monster.