Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't Know Much About Stenography...


Norman Farrell has an excellent, fact-laden post up about the latest round of proMedia stenography here in Lotusland.

This is about the BC Hydro story.

Go read it, and when you do, don't forget how BC Rail was made into a faux-albatross around our necks before it was blown-up by the Campbell-Clark government v1.1.



Anonymous said...

"BC Hydro president Dave Cobb has told his staff that he expects Victoria to soon abandon its current energy self sufficiency policy, a move that would free Hydro from buying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of electricity that it doesn't need from independent power producers." - The Vancouver Sun, August 20, 2011

How, exactly, does BC Hydro get out of its onerous long term IPP contracts. Short of buying out each IPP it would seem to be impossible for BC Hydro to repudiate those contracts.

ps: You're absolutely right about the BC Liberals sabotaging BC Hydro, like they did BC Rail, before trying - once again - to sell it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of BC Rail...

Bill Tieleman reports that solid citizen Erik Bornmann has been granted the privilege to become an Ontario lawyer despite bribes to BC government officials Basi and Virk in BC Rail case.

Hmm, makes one wonder if any Law Society of Upper Canada members received any of that Bornmann bounty too...

RossK said...


I think this is kind of like the Premier running around waving her arms and screaming 'Look at me!' before she launches into some codswallop or other about how Mr. Hahn's BC Ferry/Run Into The Ground compensation should be terminated when she knows full well that she, given the structure the previous incarnation of set-up, can do absolutely nothing about it.

Thanks Anon-Above--

I've written a follow-up on this....And while Mr. T's report was thorough and information laden, unless I'm mistaken, I believe Mary was first.

And while he came in third, BC's Best Blogger (TM) does have an interesting interview/not interview 'excerpt' up....