Thursday, August 04, 2011

What Is Christy Clark Really Ducking....


....With Her Well-Timed Vacation?

According to Lotusland's proMedia herd, whose stampede this time was led by Mike Smyth with The Dean bringing up the rear, it had something to do with avoiding last weekend's Pride Parade.

But here's the real thing....

If, as Shane Mills (i.e. not the CBC's Stephen Smart's life partner, which may, or may not, explain why the good Mr. Smart was not even in the herd this time around) told the VSun's Matthew Robinson, the absence at the parade could be explained by Ms. Clark's out-of-town vacation, family in tow, doesn't that suggest considerable pre-planning on someone's part that has ensured that the Premier of British Columbia is ex-communicado this specific week?

Now, given that, ask yourself the following....

Why would Ms. Clark and/or Mr. Mills, and/or the Horsemen who are almost certain to be running Ms. Clark's upcoming election campaign want her to be out of reach of the cameras, microphones and scribes as the HST balloting goes down to the wire?

And then ask yourself why the members of the herd itself aren't asking that very question.

After all, it's not like the HST referendum thing means anything to British Columbia, or British Columbians, or anything as silly and trivial as that.



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