Sunday, August 07, 2011

HST Ballots...Shaken, Not Stirred


Well, actually, ballots that will be sent to Victoria but not counted.

The image above by Jesse Johnston of CKWX 1130 shows completed ballots that were slid under the door of a Lower Mainland E-BC office after the 4:30pm cut-off Friday.

Which got us thinking....

Do regular polls close before people can get to them after the working day is done?



Rob said...

I went to the 1130 link and everyone says that we all had weeks to get it done. In some cases we did not. I left the following:

My son moved from an apartment building into a suite last month. He tried to retrieve his ballot but the new occupant had thrown it in the garbage. We contacted Elections BC and requested a new ballot and it was received August 3rd. I explained to my son that it was a very bizarre process to complete the vote and asked him to come to my home to make certain it was done correctly. As things will be he did it on his own and put the ballot in the wrong envelope and sealed it. He brought the herd of envelopes to my home and I took it apart and glued the envelope back together. My son works but I am retired and had to drive more than 20 kilometers from Surrey to Langley and drop it off on the last day at 4:00pm. He would not have been able to do this on his own. Things happen. The entire process is the most convoluted procedure I have ever seen.

RossK said...

Thanks Rob.

Convoluted process indeed.


Anonymous said...

This has to be the most asinine method of voting, in the history of Canada.

Ballots were left stacked in apartment vestibules and no doubt, could have been trashed, by a pro Liberal. People move. Incomplete ballots were sent. Some households, only got one ballot. There was no end to the screw ups.

The ballots have to go trough, Craig James of Elections BC. The BC people all know, how much we can trust him. None of the BC Liberals, are trustworthy either. There has been no end, to their dirty tactics, lies, corruption and cheating to win. Just ask Campbell, about cheating to win.

North Van's Grumps said...

I sort of wished I'd gone to the Capilano Mall Unit #81 to see how Elections BC had their Temporary Service Centre open to the public... as it was, I was there on Saturday and the place was clean as a whistle.

The Unit # address was torn down from the entrance wall..... paper address, but parts of it could still be seen at the edges where the scotch tape was still adhered to the gyproc.

At the Mall's "you are here" directory, Unit #81 didn't exist. Fact is, although each store as a Unit #, none of the stores Unit #s are visible no matter where one walks inside the Capilano Mall.

The Dollar Store basically occupied three Units on the map... one of which was where the HST ballot was supposed to be deposited.

RossK said...

Thanks for follow-up NVG.