Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Has His Spidey Sense Started Tingling Again?



Wed Aug 24th, CorpMedia Coverage Update.....At bottom of post

Tues Aug 23rd: After all, for almost two full days the only reports of Eric Bornman(n)'s legal resurrection were on blogs and in one, single truncated 24Hrs (at least compared to his own blogpost) report from Bill Tieleman.

But now, it appears that somebody slipped up at BellGlobeTSNRDICHUMEverythingElseMedia and allowed an item from our old friend Camille Bains of the CP to show up in a few of their print and 'lectronic organ grinder monkeys.

A former British Columbia lobbyist and political power-broker who admitted bribing a Liberal ministerial aide to get government information in the BC Rail scandal has been cleared to practise law in Ontario.

The Law Society of Upper Canada held three days of hearings in the case of Erik Bornmann earlier this year to determine whether he is of good character to become a lawyer.

The society decided this week that Mr. Bornmann has transformed from a self-described arrogant, amoral and immoral person to someone humbled by his remorse after police raided his office and his life became a “nightmare.”....

You may, or may not, wish to go and read the whole thing to learn how much, at least according to him, Mr. Bornman(n) has changed since his bribery of British Columbia government officials was discovered by the RCMP.

And since he became the prosecution's star witness and admitted to the bribery for which he was never charged and may (or may not) have been granted immunity for.

Or some such thing that, in my opinion at least, the Special Prosecutor in the case never made entirely clear.



I can't help wondering if this little flurry of CorpMedia activity will be enough to cause the postponement of any and all second comings of the next alleged Toga Party!

The title of the post refers to the nickname that Mr. Bornmann, who was then known by the surname Bornman (i.e. with one final 'n'), apparently acquired way, way before RailGate ever happened.
Update, Wed Aug 24th....On Day 3, Ms. Bains' CP Story has been picked up by the CBC and the VT-Colonist has run an unbylined (at least online) bit in the News section....It would appear that the web is still intact and, I would suspect, that by tomorrow, with the news cycle completely past, the spinners can re-emerge from their hidey-holes and get back to work.



Anonymous said...

That link to the article - Bornmann broke and entered to get Liberal lists!?!

And the scandal that keeps on giving - very revealing article. Thanks!

RossK said...


That's the thing.

It would appear that Mr. Bornman's working of the refs in RailGate may not have been an isolated incident.