Thursday, August 11, 2011

Diamond Jim Delivers Gordon Campbell's Last, Lingering Body Blow To B.C.


Yes, that's right.

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says that we, the people of British Columbia, who were told the HST was not even on their radar screens when we last elected Gordon Campbell and his still-sitting minions, are on the hook for the grifting minions' $1.6 billion bribe until at least 2015:

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty told reporters Wednesday that he expects British Columbia to repay $1.6 billion it received from Ottawa to implement the harmonized sales tax if it scraps the controversial levy. A province-wide mail-in referendum on whether to keep the HST ended August 5. Results aren’t expected until August 25. Flaherty said the repayment is in line with a 2009 accord between Ottawa and B.C. in which the province pledged not to eliminate the HST until July 1, 2015.....

Imagine that!


Speaking of grifting....

I, for one, sure look forward to celebrating the devil-horned raising of the $600 million bolt of magical carpet atop the old marsmallow with these fine folks come late November.

Norman Farrell does a deeper analysis of some of the local news 'coverage' of this event.


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