Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No Big Announcement Presser For Christy....What Is She Afraid Of?


As I mentioned the other day, the many, many dots above the 50% line in the middle of this graph, which include, for example, all three Richmond ridings, must have scared the crap out of Mdme. Clark's strate(r)gists.

And now, clearly, their own internal numbers must be telling them that the old stand-by's (e.g. Public School Teachers Are Evil!) are not enough to get them over the hump in the short term given that the majority of the folks living in many of those ridings in the middle (class) part of that graph will never be able to afford to send their kids to private school.

No matter how hard the Fraser Institute tries to make them do it.


I am not surprised, especially when you factor in how much of her caucus must be scared even more crapless than her strategists, that Mdme Clark suddenly announced that she would not be calling a general election this fall.

What I did find surprising, however, was how she, who never met a camera or microphone she didn't like, actually went about making the announcement, as reported by Sean Holman:

Tonight (Wednesday), in interviews with select media outlets, Premier Christy Clark announced she won't be hitting the hustings until May 2013.....

Which begs the following question.....

What, exactly, is Christy Clark and/or her strategists so afraid of that they will not allow her to face an off-the-reservation media member or two that might actually ask her a direct question?

And, as a follow-up, I'd sure like to get a complete list of that 'select group' of media outlets that she did talk to.



Then I'd know for sure who the friendlies are for future reference.


Of course, it is very possible that, if the rock that is the GordonCampbellLegacy government's polling numbers keeps falling past, say, Christmas, that caucus may no longer be hers to command....After all, if they could mount a revolt against the Gord, it's hard to imagine they couldn't do the same against Mdme. Clark....And, if you ask me, it is likely this fear that is driving her constant calls to her supporters to send her money, more than the party itself's actual need for cash given that they can always just go to the heavy-hitter well when the going gets tough....



Anonymous said...

Now if Kevin Falcon had won the Leadership race....... Christy Clark wouldn't have needed an MLA Seat

El Gordo would have still stepped down as an MLA... because he knew he was heading off to the UK anyway.


Christy would still be yapping on the radio airwaves

The HST would have been lost no matter who was at the helm.

Which leaves Kash Heed up for the Attorney General position or back to his old spot as Solicitor General....

RossK said...

Interesting scenario Anon-Above....

And who would have run in Pt. Grey?

Maybe BC's Best Blogger (TM), perhaps....