Friday, March 23, 2012

The (not) Premier's Never, Never, Evergreen?


Yesterday, we noted that Robert Matas of The Globe caught Christy Clark and her handlers foreshadowing a pretty big lie in which they had their PoMoCo Bye-Bye candidate extolling her as the saviour of the Evergreen rapid-transit line when, in reality she almost killed it, twice, in the year since she was 'selected' to lead us by the BC Liberal party.

And, guess what.....

Neither Ms. Clark or the Wizards behind the curtain care that they have once again been exposed as the charlatans on this specific matter.

Otherwise, how else can you explain the following double-down, which was executed AFTER Mr. Matas' piece was published:

PORT MOODY (NEWS 1130) - Premier Christy Clark has announced a full audit of TransLinkto try to find money to pay for the Evergreen transit line and other projects and avoid imposing a vehicle levy or another carbon tax on drivers.

"There is still a funding gap for the Evergreen Line - $30 million - and we are going to find that through an audit of TransLink," said Clark at the end of a campaign-style stop in Port Moody to introduce the two Liberal candidates in the upcoming April 19 byelections in
Port Moody-Coquitlam and Chilliwack-Hope.

"TransLink is a $1-billion organization. We are not going to find it through a vehicle levy or other sources. We are going to find it within TransLink," Clark said....

Yup that's right.

She and hers are now going to try play her previous ineptitude forward as a by-election wedgie, pretending all the while that she is both a clear-eyed cost-cutter and a visionary saviour of something she is actually continuing to screw-up.

Only this time, the screw-up is being continued with malice aforethought for politically expedient reasons.


And worst of all, so far the proMedia is buying it...For example, the usually reasonably insightful Ben Hadaway played the story straight-up, as served, on the local half-Ceeb (because CBC Vancouver is not, in my opinion, a 'whole' news outlet anymore) this morning....And while I am typing this early morning Friday, I can already predict what the Ledgie Boys and, especially, The Dean will likely say about how it is a bit of subterfuge, but, you know, it had to be done because, know again....blah, blah, blah...
And the most ridiculous thing about the actual 'audit' ploy itself?....Well, as Norm Farrell points out, it will actually have to be an audit of the audit....Hmmmm....Wonder how KPMG feels about the fact that, if the media actually really dug down to the studs on this one, the only thing that the public would be able to logically conclude is that Premier Photo-Op just called their work codswallop....KPMG's, I mean.


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