Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Where Did This Come From?"


I don't like to whack Mr. Holman's rabble-rousers.

Because they often have lots of interesting stuff to say.

Stuff that I don't know.

Which is pretty darn rare these days.

Not because I'm so smart.

But rather because the Lotuslandian broadcast media has become so dumb.


This morning 3/4 of the rabble-rousers were set on 'full myopic' while they discussed the BC Liberal government's ridiculous and half-arsed attempts to move forward with electing Senators.

They all, except Ms. Gregory, just chuckled and kept saying 'Where did this come from?' before they went into the minutae.


This has nothing to do with anything that is actually real, parliamentary or otherwise.



Ms Gregory just nailed it....

(Translation: Mollify the Con-Base at all costs by promising to offer them something they will never get...And yes, the base will notice....That is the reality of the 'slice 'n dice, divide-and-win' political world we now live in because the proMedia will not step back, see the bigger picture, and tell us what is really going on)

Twenty minutes later update....Just to prove that the exception above is NOT the rule, all four rousers really did have some important and useful things to say that gave me new insights about the dispute between the provincial government and the teachers...The most insightful..."Is this really a strike?"...



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

For me, the answer to, "Is this really a strike?" is not really because it is a soft strike, a pillow fight, if you will, causing little hardship for the employer. If the teachers had occupied their workplaces for three days my answer would be different. Occupations that encouraged children to attend classes I mean. Called a teach-in I believe. Teach the kids and everybody else a little something about rebellion and democracy by way of example.

RossK said...


Interesting suggestion...take the time to teach them real stuff that is not in the straight-jacket 'curriculum'...

Anyway, regardless the specifics, I agree that going 'positive' rather than negative may be the only way for the teachers to move forward because you know the other side (which is NOT the government, but instead is the governing party's operatives) is just waiting to pounce on one of the only wedge issues that they can use to their electoral advantage down the road.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Yes, positive. Teaching festivals.

lenin's ghost said...

soup kitchens for the hungry.....a lot of kids, and lessons on civics, politics, and finance......that should be in the current curriculum anyway.

North Van's Grumps said...

And here I always thought that a "snowbird" was a retired Canadian traveling South, out of Canada.