Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#Elxn42: Voter Outreach Centre...A Name So Nice They've Used It Twice.



That's right.

The callers with the 'scripts' are back!

Mr. McGregor of the OCit has the story of the fine folks who, according to the courts, didn't do anything wrong in 2011 and most certainly aren't doing anything wrong now.

Here's his lede:

Telephone solicitors working for the Conservative party are again identifying themselves with the generic-sounding name “Voter Outreach Centre” in calls to potential supporters.

Websites that track unsolicited calls list numerous accounts from people who received these phone calls from numbers in Saskatchewan, Ottawa, British Columbia and the suburban Toronto area since the campaign began.

The name might confuse some voters, but the calls appear to be compliant with CRTC rules because they also refer to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and/or the Conservative party...

The hubris, no?



Anonymous said...

Finally! My BS decoder ring arrived!

RossK said...


It would appear that a little more than that has arrived (in Guelph at least)...