Friday, August 21, 2015

#Elxn42...The Ultimate Stealth-Con.


Joe Daniel is a Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament.


It turns out that Mr. Daniel took a most interesting trip to the Caribbean with (no longer Conservative) Senator Don Meredith earlier this year. As a result, Mr. Daniel was contacted by the Ottawa Citizen for a comment.

The following, according to the OCit's Glen McGregor, was Mr. Daniel's officially officey response:

...Daniel, who is currently running for re-election in the riding of Don Valley North, is not doing media interviews until after the federal election, his office said Thursday...

Just let that sink in for moment or three...

We have reported on local Lotuslandian Stealth-Cons in the past...More on the 2015 edition(s) to follow...



North Van's Grumps said...

Now why does disgraced Senator Don Meredith January excursion to Trinidad and Tobago using of his Office credentials as a means to enRICH his personal finances, and possibly MP Joe Daniel too, reminds me of Hat Lady - Real Estate Agent - Faye Leung for Bill Vander Zalm.... oh yeah ... Fantasy Land was sold through the Office of the Premier (Bill Vander Zalm) of British Columbia.

RossK said...


Interesting comparison.


My point here was a candidate for election telling the press that they will not speak to the press, at all, until after the election...

Which, of course, is the StealthCon way.


e.a.f. said...

that is too funny. really, not talking to the press until after the election. O.K. At least his dear leader takes 5 per day, even if it is with boy scoots in the back ground. things must be getting bad if the P.M. needs boy scouts to get a crowd.

Must say Andrew Coyne's article in the National Post is a hoot. This election is finally getting funny.

It is time for the Greens to re assess their position in some ridings. it would be a national tragedy if Steve got his job back because the Greens couldn't put it in their pocket and that may go also for the NDP and Liberals, federal that is