Thursday, August 13, 2015

#Elxn42...Mr. Harper's Media Clampdown Brings In Kory Teneycke.


Finally, a big proMedia outlet has asked the CPC to respond to CKNW reporter Shelby Thom's claims that she was kicked out of a Harper rally in Richmond B.C. Tuesday because she had the audacity to ask party supporters if they agreed with the leader's stated position on the (non) legalization of marijuana.

Andy Blatchford got Kory Teneycke on the record in the NaPo, not to address the actual incident but instead to do a bit of deflective dissembling worthy of the former head of a propaganda network:

...Asked about the incident, Teneycke said nothing prevented the reporter from speaking with people outside the venue...

And then, strangely (or maybe not when you think of the base that matters most to Mr. Harper) Mr. Teneycke kinda/sorta made like Donald Trump talking about Megyn Kelly sans, of course, for the hemoglobin:

...“I think it’s just someone maybe being a little hypersensitive,” Teneycke said...

Imagine that!

And, as to the previous 'explanation' from a lower level CPC spokesthingy that things were closing down....Ms. Thom has indicated that, firstly, she was badgered repeatedly and, secondly, that there were still dozens of people milling around when she was ultimately hustled out a side door by a CPC staffer...And none of those dozens were kicked out also.


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