Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#Elxn42...FedCon Spokesperson Kinda/Sorta (But Not Really) Explains The Non-Removal Removal Of A Reporter From Harper Rally.


As we noted previously, Lotuslandian CKNW/Corus radio reporter Shelby Thom was shuffled out a side door at a FedCon rally in Richmond yesterday when she started asking the party faithful about their feelings re: Stephen Harper's stance on not legalizing marijuana that has been in the news recently.

Well, anyway...

In one of only two non-Corus proMedia stories we've seen so far, the HuffPo's Zi-Ann Lum received an Email statement from a party CPC spokesperson kinda/sorta explaining why this is a non-event event from the FedCon perspective:

...When asked (about the incident), party spokesman Stephen Lecce did not provide any details or reasons why Thom was shown the door.

“The reporter in question attended the entire event and was the last reporter to leave after the event concluded,” Lecce told The Huffington Post Canada in an email...

Which is all well and good...

Except that the reporter, Ms. Thom, who like all other reporters present at the rally was not allowed to direct any towards Mr. Harper or the assembled CPC candidates, insists she was still working when she was ushered out based on what she said in an interview with CKNW talkshow host 'Drex' last night (quoted passage starts at 4'00''):

"...I did feel, essentially, that I was kicked out. I was interviewing supporters after the rally and I was continuously interrupted by conservative staffers..."

So, given what went down in the context of recent events and the apparent incongruence between the reporter's own account and the CPC spokesperson's inability to (and/or desire not to) provide any reasonable explanation of what happened and why, here's a question...

Why is this story getting so little proMedia play, locally, regionally and/or nationally?

And, ya....For those of you who are not from either Courtenay and/or downtown Lotusland Central...It is the same 'Drex'...Imagine that!
Update: 3pm Wednesday...Ms. Thom, via the Twittmachine says that there were dozens of fine folks milling about the room while she was asking her questions...To the best of her knowledge she was the only one who was ushered out...



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word salad moment?

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Perhaps Le Drex is atoning for giving Christy, ahem, more exposure?

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BillTieleman ‏@BillTieleman 29m29 minutes ago
Wow! MT @mikeklassen: Big @CKNW changes. Have heard programmer Ian Koenigsfest is out+ @seanleslie980 to new non-radio gig #bcpoli #vanpoli

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Thanks for the heads-up SH.