Monday, October 19, 2015

#Elxn 42....What's The Buzz...Tell Me What's A Happening.


5:30pm Pacific....Just came out of the lab...Wow....Atlantic Canada a massive sea of red, including in stronghold Dipper and Con ridings...Is it possible that Mr. Trudeau has captured all the swing voters?

7:24pm Pacific...Just got home from bike ride...Liberals leading in Kelowna!...SH and friends were right!...Gotta wonder if this landslide coming down is due to young kids the pollsters couldn't reach...

7:58pm Pacific...Looks like the Liberal surge is helping to elect Cons outside Lower Mainland...VanIsle is looking an awfully lot like the Republic of Dave Barrett.

8:18pm Pacific...Is there anything more banal than than the mutterings of Stockwell Day?

8:59pm Pacific...Harper's so-called concession speech is exactly why he was not fit to be the Prime Minister of all Canadians.

9:57pm Pacific... Will be interesting to see if Tory rump is able to re-assert itself amongst the remaining Whackadoodle fringe.



Unknown said...

The red has been growing all evening ... as you know CBC just called a Liberal victory.

After I voted this morning, I left the polling place and said out loud, "Good-bye Steve." In my riding there was no opportunity to vote my conscience, however I did what's right for our country and tried to make sure that man will, at least for a while, be kept far away from power.

It will get interesting over the next few days. Thanks for the clear blogging as always.

- Jonku

bcwaterboy said...

As much as the collective momentum to oust harper has grown, and he will most likely go down tonight, unfortunately big story will be the NDP losses to the Liberals, doesn't look good, but perhaps BC will be the wild card. An Okanagan NDP MP will be a victory for the party though.

Anonymous said...


My Father said since he came to Canada in the fifties, nothing has changed: the NDP get wiped out when voters are looking for change.

So, if Justin doesn't address first past the post, and can't deliver the policies which we were led to believe were to the left of the NDP, maybe we should be party crashers? ...Fold the NDP, and en masse join the Liberals and like shareholders, drive the agenda?

Oh, and, adieu, Steve, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Unknown said...

I can picture Day "in Calgary" saying very nice things about Harper and small 'c' conservatives. He should be happy to be heard on CBC.

I bet lttile Steve is already calculating his next 20 moves. His public moment, which we know he hates, will be simple and he won't show much.

Now we get to see what JT can do vs. his party ... I harbour small but significant hopes that he, as a young and strong PM might actually have what it takes, both ideas and policies as well as the ability to put those into effect.

We are a lot better informed than the Trudeaumania days ... the twist is that a majority allows full expression of whatever power is actually manifest in the government.

I did like the position on marijauna, legalize vs. decriminalize as a longer term policy, and deficit spending will always get my approval. As for the rest, that will be interesting.

- Jonku

Grant G said...

No surprise....The Straight Goods called this election weeks ago...

And yes, I was amazed Trudeau got a majority...I suspected he was close...

Mulcair and Harper harpooned!.

Have a very good evening friends, bloggers and political junkies.

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

The concession speech was underwhelming to say the least. He spent the first 10 minutes polishing his own apple and a few spare moments on the other partie that unseated him, but then practically sneered at Canadians and the choices they made. Almost sad.

Anonymous said...


Stockwell Day made an impression on a friend who flew gov air...he liked to spread his junk around...cause he's the man...

And the banal thing, he gets down with the Lord, the whole tongue and speaking thing. Don't know if he ever played with Northern Sonoran rattlers though...

Markerbuoy said...

The witch is dead.

RossK said...


Great to hear from you!



Ya...That is especially the case, I think in rural BC where it became a full on NDP/Lib split that is electing a handful of Cons.



Interesting notion...I dunno if I could go that far...But I hear what you're saying.


Jonku, again!


I guess, if I had my druthers it would have been that Red-Orange coalition thing such that JT would be forced (and could force the power in his party) to actually do what was promised as he ran left of the NDP in so many ways.



You did call it some time ago, indeed.




I could actually 'see' the sneer through the radio.


RossK said...


Indeed...And water runs uphill and all that.



As a Doornail!


Chuckstraight said...

Hopefully this is the last first past the post election.
It is good to Ron Cannan in Kelowna gone- very useless anti-union individual.

RossK said...


We shall see about voting reform...I wonder if that will really happen now that there will be little left-sided push in next parliament.

Amazing result in Kelowna.


e.a.f. said...

we wanted change and hopefully we will get it. certainly have the numbers in Ottawa to do it.

The NDP needs to have a good look at how they run campaigns. They lost in B.C. and the loss nationally looks about the same. wonder if the same firm handled both campaigns. Notley used Gerry Scott. Wonder if Scott even worked this campaign.

The NDP did not make the necessary changes mid campaign to, however, they could do nothing about loosing votes in Quebec regarding the niqab. Mulcair made the principled choice on that issue. Trudeau may have been helped by his speech which included the line, "a Canadians, is a Canadian, is a Canadian".

we will now sit back and watch. Now if we could just get rid of the B.C. lieberals. Perhaps Trudeau will now force el gordo to come home and stop living off the public trough. Ought to be fun!

scotty on denman said...

The NDP ended up in the middle, Liberals to their left, Cons to their right.

Anonymous said...

Two songs ran through my head on election"boxing day"- The times they are a changin'- Thank you Mr. Zimmerman and It's a beautiful day and thank you Bono and U2.

RossK said...


Two most excellent earworms, indeed!



Most ironic, eh?

Sure hope that Mr. Trudeau and friends don't trip while racing back towards (over?) the center line.



If a variation on that line can be used to sell crappy beer by the barrel full...