Saturday, October 10, 2015

We Went To See Tommy Mulcair Today And...

...A Carole James Rally Broke Out.

A long, long time ago my Dad used to take us to the Crystal Gardens in downtown Victoria every Wednesday after school.

To actually swim.

Which tells you how long ago that was.


Last night we took the ferry over to the Island to visit Pops for Thanksgiving weekend.

And, as we were waiting for the boat, the two E's and I got to talking politics just before we noticed Mr. Mulcair's campaign bus on the other side of the terminal.

Which is how we ended up inside the very same Crystal Gardens earlier this afternoon for Tommy and company's big rally.


The first thing I noticed when we got in the place was that I couldn't smell any chlorine.

The next thing I noticed was how scripted everything was and how much all the young kids running the show looked like they had just stepped off the set of Veep.

The best part?

When the teleprompter had been shut off Mulcair could speak without a script.

But for me it was Ms. James, the best Premier we never had, who stole the show with her simple introduction.

For all kinds of reasons, but most importantly because she managed to say simply and clearly what is most important on Vancouver Island, which is not to split the vote.

And she did so without mentioning she who must not be named with the National press present.

Pretty impressive I'd say.

Pops came with us...We spent most of the time reminiscing about what a creaky old place the Gardens was back when my brothers and I were kids...As for when Pops was a kid?....Well...He remembers when saltwater was piped into the pool...Imagine that!
And yes, there really were 1,200 people there...They had to turn folks away at the door on account of that pesky little red tape peddlar known as the Fire Marshall.



Anonymous said...

scroll down for more pics

Anonymous said...


Grant G said...

Sorry Ross K.....NDP will be a pocket party, meaning only few pockets of strength..

I told you 2 weeks ago(ish) that a breakout was underway for Justin Trudeau..Zoom zoom zoom.....

Well..Stephen Harper removed from power, that is what`s important..

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


I do indeed see the mainstream media, they`re vague, distorted, guess that`s what happens when you`re looking at them through The Straight Goods`s exhaust fumes..


Don F. said...

Wow! The Straight Good's exhaust fumes, I didn't realize that was something to be a concern. But hey, what do I know? Seems the competition is not unique to he election.

Scotty on denman said...

Hey Ross! Looks like a good time down to Vic (my favourite city).

Carole James might have been the best Premier we never had---but I bet she'll be the best Education Minister we've ever had---and lord knows we need one.

And to think at one time the Crystal Gardens were slated for demolition!

James King, Victoria said...

Sorry we missed seeing you at the Rally on Saturday....but glad you were there in any case.

RossK said...


And great that there were so many folks there such that we couldn't see each other!